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Platinum Experience

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Finished my first day of forcing so I'm ready to get this report thing started. I've read around a bit and checked multiple guides to plan things out. I've got a small list of traits to go by, and I'm working with parroting to start. I'm really interested in imposition and will be working on it from the get go.


My tulpa's name is Platinum Experience, though I usually just call her Platinum. She's a human girl with shoulder length brown hair and pigtails. Her eye color is gray. She wears a black shirt with a gray star design on it and white shorts. To describe her personality briefly she's talkative, friendly, childish, patient, and supportive. She's positive and polite.


My forcing sessions will consist of imposing her in front of and around me while we talk. Focusing entirely on her form, gestures, and presence. I'll be updating this to note any oddities I experience and signs of life from Platinum. Also to see how my focus and control over imagery improves.


5/10/14 - Day 1


I. Started forcing by placing a chair in front of me for Platinum Experience to sit in and we began talking. I told her my name, what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and things like that. I couldn't see her but it felt like I should be seeing something. So I guess that's a sign of something working. We mostly discussed music genres and instruments we like. I enjoy piano and she likes bass guitars. (1 hour)


II. Platinum followed me around while I was doing Mother's day shopping and kept me company in the car driving around. I tried focusing more on her presence when she wasn't in view, but it didn't feel like it was working. Going to practice that more. I notice that when trying to impose I open eye visualize the scene around me and herself in it sometimes, instead of placing her into reality itself. I think I'll get over it in time. It's not a big concern yet since I'm still memorizing her form details and all that.


III. Direct imposition #2 (1 hour). We talked a lot more this time, and towards the end of the session I started getting caught up in explaining what I was talking about instead of visualizing her. It was a nice chat. I only get her image there for a split second. It's really faint, and ghost like when I manage to make her appear. Platinum's hair and anatomy are giving me trouble to keep consistent and feel right. I'm checking the reference image I have more than I'd like to during these sessions but I know it only helps. The length of arms, legs, and even her torso I end up adjusting a lot because the image that immediately comes to me doesn't seem right.


IV. I sat down and stared at Platinum's reference for a minute or two and went back and forth between the reference and open eye visualizing her nearby. I did this for about thirty minutes to prep myself for another direct imposition session. I was having trouble with focus as I was kind of sleepy, so the session only lasted thirty minutes. So an hour altogether, and the prep helped. I can recall the face shape and eyes more easily now. But her hair is still troubling. Platinum was bored sitting in the chair this time and began walking around, examining and interacting with things around my room. I actually found it slightly easier to keep her image stable when she was in motion. Still flickery and ghost like. (1 hour)

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