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Walhart's Progress Report

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Hello, this is my progress report on Vera and I's progress on tulpamancy. If you can give any advice and what not it will be appreciated.


I started createing vera after reading on tuplas when i saw a video on youtube reguarding tuplas and what it ment. The start of creation was 5/25/14. I belive i spent about 5 hours that day contruction the form, list traits, makeing the face and reading more on tulpas.


So far what i did was create a base form for her, which resulted in a blue glowing orb. Then i read aloud the traits to her and imagined the traits were rays of light entering the orb. (they say it helps)


After abit i started to work on her from some more and she now has a humanoid for with fair white skin, and black hair with points sticking up from the corners with hints of yellow in them, and a few strands of hair sticking up and curveing on the top of her head.


However her face changes from time to time, so i cant really get a clear picture. All in due time i guess.


Then i sat down and stared to make a wonderland for me and her, which resulted in a small house with a living room and 2 bedrooms. One for me, one for her. And a room in between which i called the training room, its a large white square box that transforms into any area that best fits the excersice. More for tulpaforceing than anything else.


After that i went about my day as normal with the occasinal chat with vera about what i usualy do, what things are and what not.

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