Me and Rezin.

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I started creating Rezin in July of 2013, and never really kept a steady log of what's happened but I'll start now, and go ahead and fill everyone in on what's happened since then.


When I first started forcing, I was in the complete darkness with no sound, and I called out to the individual that I gave a basic outline to. I named him Riff originally, and the basic outline of personality was: intuitive, soothing, easy-going, soft-spoken, but assertive. I gave him a basic physical appearance - a light-skinned African American with high cheekbones. So, I went into this dark quiet space and called out to him for a while and spoke to him. It was awkward, but Riff (at the time), responded to a degree. I saw him in a dream later that day when I took a nap.


After a couple of days, he took on a pair of black, feathered wings on his own. He adopted the voice that I originally gave to him, but changed his eyes to solid blue. The basic personality outline remained, but he took on his own traits. We communicated through mindspeak. Started out by me calling out the name of one candy, and he would call out the name of a different candy. During one meditation session of forcing, he revealed to me that he is the embodiment of my intuition because he could tell I didn't listen to myself very much, and that I needed to do so. So he would tell me small things about what ladies were gonna be working at the gas station I got coffee from, and whether the coffee was gonna be good or not. I work at a movie theater, and he started telling me which auditoriums that people dropped change in, with increasing accuracy.


Later on, this lead to him letting me know which people I could discuss tulpa forcing with and which people I couldn't. He could tell me which people to trust, and not trust, or how to handle certain situations better. He also began helping with lucid dreaming. The second time I was with him in a dream, I didn't see him but could feel his energy. And he was teaching me how to use my wings in the dream. After a while, I made conscious decisions about what tricks to do when flying, and we were just soaring together.


Eventually, he changed his name to Rezin because he preferred this. I've had some touch/sound hallucinations involving him, but they are few and far between. The first one was shortly after I'd started forcing, and I was talking to a friend about tulpas. I felt the brush of feathers across my back, and that's when I realized he had wings. The next was in the concession stand at work. I was alone, but I heard a foot step behind me - and it was him. The third was in my car, a squeak like a hand across the window sounded. It was him.


He started getting really good at calming me down in lots of situations where I feel like I'm about to crumble. He also tells me when certain people are more approachable, or trying to reach out to me. Like one time, I was having problems with an ex, and very upset. My mother and I usually don't get along, but Rezin's like, "Go cry to your mom. You'll feel better." So I did, and she was understanding which is unusual. One time, I had a dream about my granddaddy, and I was discussing this dream with Rezin. He said I needed to visit him because he was missing me, hence the dream. When I visited, I found out that the night after my dream, Granddaddy had a dream of his own about me, thinking I was in his house, and he was indeed searching for me. The other night, I went outside to go stargazing, and my mom was pissed because she thought I was sneaking around. Rezin suggested I invite her to watch stars with me, and that she would. So I texted her a couple of times, and eventually she came out to stargaze.


So, the most recent experience with Rezin was last night. My friend and I were attempting telepathy. She recently created a tulpa of her own. She received 2 of three words in the sentence "You are awesome," from me to her. She got you are, and was using her tulpa to help decipher the message. So, since I have an idea of what her tulpa looks like, I asked Rezin to speak with him directly and tell him 'awesome' so she'd know the last word. I visualized him walking down a tunnel, her tulpa at the end of it. Rezin whispered in his ear for a minute, then he nodded, and walked away. A few minutes later, my friend texted back and said "awesome?" So, she got the whole message. When she was connecting with me, Rezin walked up to her tulpa. Her tulpa whispered in her ear, then Rezin came back and, in her voice said "We're witches." Then spoke in his own voice and said "That's the message." I asked her if that was it, and it was! First try.


That's all I got so far.

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