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Myuu and Bella

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Hello. Well I'm not new here but I'll tell you a bit about me. My names Myuu and I live in a small country called New Zealand. I'm currently study for NCEA level one. I have decided to make a tulpa for a companion/friend that understands everything about me. I'm about 4 days in and im going quite well. I went from 10 minutes to about 20 minutes of forcing a day. The first weeks posts will be short because not much happened but I'll post those soon. Right now im focusing on narration. I talk to her about the music im listening to whilst forcing and also tried to talk about economics but that failed badly. I'm not new to this and im taking a different approach towards forcing. Bella is a human/wolf like creature. I got her name by copying a whole lot of names and using a random generator to pick one. I'm going to allow her to choose one when she's sentient. I force for a minimum of 10 minutes a day. I should probably start posting some of my logs.



Nothing much done today. A lot of planning I planned out a form name everything. I'm ready to force tommorow. That's pretty much all today. What I can tell you is her name is Bella and she's a humanoid wolf.




ok so spent about 10-15 minutes today telling about myself and why I'm doing this ect. Nothing interesting AGAIN. Told her I'd force in the morning. That's all for today.




Well today just another 15 minute session before bed. Decided to use my cherry blossom wonderland I created a while ago. So I will be using that now. Planning on dreaming about her/ forcing a bit more ( not narration)


planning on a 15-20 minute session tomorrow. Day after 20 minutes ect all the way up to 30 minutes by next Saturday.




Stopped using all mobile devices as I read in someone's thread. Helped alot quick 10 minute session before lunch and 15 minute session before bed. 25 minute total forcing today an improvement I guess. Going to dream of her again.

Will post more within the next few days. Sorry if I don't get back. I keep a diary somewhere else. She's started appearing in some of my dreams (which I do not control) will update by Saturday hopefully. That's all for now I guess!

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