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A tale of a Goddess, a Queen, and a little white rabbit.

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I've actually done a bit of exploration and dabbling in all of this before making a progress report, but a consistent problem is following through with my promises and forcing every day on a regular schedule.

Maybe having a progress report will help.

There are two tulpas that I'm working at, somewhat! Robby and Anguis. Robby is a white rabbit creature that just barely skims My thigh standing upright (not including his ears), and Anguis is a 7ft tall gray troll woman that refuses to go into sunlight.

...Thinking on that now, I see how weird it sounds, but I don't think that's much trouble at all in this community.

Anguis is very stern. She's stern and serious, the Queen from the title. She likes to consider herself royalty and always maintains proper etiquette, except for when she loses her temper... And she has quite the temper. She has black chin length hair and purple eyes and blood. Her claws and lips are black, and her tongue is dark gray. She doesn't resemble a traditional "troll"... She used to be a homestuck oc, but lost her horns in deviation long ago. I usually keep track of her through a thick metal chain wrapped around my hand clipping to a collar around her neck... She doesn't seem to mind, since she recognizes me as her creator and Goddess. She wears a long black robe, partly to hide from any excess light and partly because she just likes the look.

I can visualize her clearly... I've gotten a few words and phrases out of her, but her favorite responses are "Yes, ma'am" or "No, ma'am"


Maybe she'll loosen up as she advances more. I'll go more into Robby at a later date.

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Checking back in with a description of Robby! I realized I've yet to describe him and I should. He's a little white rabbit creature that stands on his hind legs, with black splotches on his back, ears, and paws. He has big blue eyes and an adorable nose and a bright pink, sparkly bow around his neck! ^^ He's definitely more pleasant to interact with, much sweeter and kinder, but very shy and timid, and not willing to speak to new people... He's on hold, since I've decided to work on and finish Anguis before taking him on. Any questions are welcomed!

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