Stanford Tulpa Study looking for more participants
(if you're chosen they'll pay for travel and lodging!)

About the Research Board
The purpose of the research board is for conducting realistic research using The Scientific Method. This is not a "Can I ask your tulpa a question" board, and pointless topics will be moved/deleted.

Say you want to prove a theory; you want to see how well a Tulpa could remember a random sequence of numbers. First you would check to see if this experiment has already been done, and if not, you would make a topic on this board explaining the experiment and asking for volunteers.

If you have Tulpae, and you/they would like to volunteer for someone's experiment, reply to their topic here.

Also, I would recommend you read these guidelines I shamelessly stole from another forum:
I suggest you use the following flow of events as a guideline for experimentation.

1. Propose an Idea for the experiment.
2. Allow a brief period of discussion to refine the experiment
3. Propose a hypothesis
4. Develop the methods by which you will test your hypothosis (don't forget variables and controls!)
5. Perform your experiment (allow enough time to gather data)
6. Analyze your data
7. Post your conclusions
8. Discuss the results of the experiement
9. Lock the topic

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