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I'M BACK! (Q on vocality and imposition)

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Hey, I'm back! I haven't been on in a while because of school and I gave up tech for lent but I have given tulpas a lot of thought over that time and I've decided that I'm no longer in that phase were your second guessing yourself. I know what I need to do to reach my goal of a successful Tulpa, I'm gonna do it.


I think I've more or less got visualisation out the way. I can describe Corra completely to you. There are two things I want to get fixed, imposition (I can see Corra but I'm always also looking through Corra) and vocality.


I've done my research on vocality but there is one thing I want to try but isn't available here. It's based on the puppeting concept for finding a voice but with more structure. Basically my idea is a script which starts simple with "yes/no" responses from the Tulpa but eventually gets more complicated and with blank places for Tulpa input, just in case.


If one truly doesn't exist, could someone with more experience please make one? I would do it my self but then the voice I hear when going through it will be my own, but hey, I'm not looking for Shakespeare.


Thank you all in advance, and as always any advice is welcome!

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