Small Yellow Bipolar Bird

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Hi, my name is Tadaki and here I am going to casually detail my experiences with Tulpas when I get bored.


This bird appeared when I was trying to see with my eyes closed and to get out of my body.

Then I noticed the existence of this Tulpa. I just felt a strong connection to the bird.


I can't see him in real life yet (not astral projecting). But I am going to try and do it. lol

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Very cool! Does your bird have a name?

Yeah! Haha! Indeed. Now I call him black reaper of lost souls or just callavera urubu preto, you know?  :@ :exclamation: :exclamation: :huh:

4:25 AM - Rio de Janeiro, Paraty



HAHAHAHAHHA! I DON'T KNOW WHY I CAN'T STOP LAUGHIN! HAHAHHGAHAHA! Sorry for the errors of grammar, I might type in the wrong way sometimes, you know...


Just came back from 2040 to say that I am alive and feeling fresh like mint! Can you believe it? I can't. My plans for the NWO are finally decided. I was able to grasp the moon and come back. Travel to planets full of magnets. Talk to the divine entity of poetry and literature. Now I even have magick powers as they say in the occult community. I might sound a little bit brainwashed to you guys, hahaha! hahaha! hahaha! ANYWAYS! Lets make the story short.


I have mastered tulpamancing after years and years of practice. YOU KNOW WHAT I FOUND OUT? Nothing.

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[align=center]Progress Report 


I have seen it. Too many times. And I am tired of them. Tulpas are becoming boring. Whitey fucks with me all the time not in the sexual way, no homo here guys. And Natasha always bother's me at night. Not talking about la seda or della pela. -.- And the fucking serpentines of course. 


Well, what I have found out through years of tulpamacing


- I can predict actions and thoughts using my familiar animal 

- I can use alchemy in my favor to increase my tulpas powers 

- Tulpas can get into phyisical objects (at least to me) 

- I can time shift and time travel, seemingly (just a reminder that this is not 100% true, I been doing research about this)


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