Mira and Kai

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hello! our names are Mira (Mir) and Kai! 


Mira is the host and uses they/them pronouns, and Kai is a tulpa who uses he/him pronouns.


We will signify who is speaking by placing their name before their text. (disclaimer: Kai isn't very social at the moment, so he probably won't say much.)


I apologize in advance if any of the wording is incorrect or derogatory in any way, shape or form - this is our first time in a tulpa community like this! please correct us if that is the case!!


Mira: I started working on Kai at least four years ago. He's been with me for awhile, and through a lot. At first, I thought that he was the result of what I assumed to be intrusive thoughts, which probably wasn't the case.

Either way, I began to spend more and more time with him, to the point he developed his own personality.

Today, he's a very outspoken individual, to say the least, haha. He's very stubborn, and typically a grumpy individual. He's also extremely edgy, to be honest, and enjoys dark things. 

We enjoy poking fun at each other, and our relationship is very entertaining. It's never boring, since he always has something to say. He's basically his own peanut gallery in our head at all times. 


While Kai is very active in our headspace, he really doesn't like interacting with other people outside it all that much. I've tried to get him to be more social, to no avail, which is why I've come here.

I'm hoping to get him out of his shell a bit more. He's pretty reserved and skeptical of others.


Kai could probably best be described as brooding and sort of irritable, I guess. He likes having his own space, and he likes keeping to himself. 


Our wonderland is a city, set in a dull monochromatic and red color scheme. Kai mostly keeps to his room, which overlooks a street. I'm pretty sure either the city isn't populated otherwise. (I hope to draw a picture of it at some point, so stay tuned for that!)


As for me, I am currently a full-time art student! I love drawing, creating characters and writing stories! It's my long-term dream to write and publish my own series of graphic novels!


You can find our art thread here!


Feel free to ask us any questions or comment whatever on here! Hopefully we'll use this thread to document our miscellaneous adventures!


Kai: I suppose I'll give this a shot. Whatever.

MIRA/MIR (they/them) & KAI (he/his)


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