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Day 1-4

I talked to my Tulpa everyday, and meditated at least once daily. 

Note: No visible response.

Day 5

Around 6:00 I recieved some sort of pressure in my head, after probing the sensation and asking y/n questions I realized it’s the early form of my Tulpa communicating with me!


Today is day 6 and when the week ends I’ll post more.



1. How long might it take for a voice to develope?

Your newly Tulpamancer friend


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It entirely depends on the person, there is no set amount of time. Just keep forcing and allow your tulpa to practice speaking, and you'll get there eventually.

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It won't feel remarkably different than your own mindvoice unless you give them their own tone. It's a matter of picking up on utterances that don't seem to be coming from you, though it's hard to tell if they may be or not. You can use that head pressure as a temporary yes/no for confirmation. To descern between proxy (you speaking as them) or parrot (you speaking for them). Once you can get that confirmation reliably, it's reasonable to try to figure out what they would say and wsk them for confirmation. This will get the brain and them used to the mechanics of vocality. Then it's just a matter of practice and strengthening their mindvoice, preferably in a different tone if you can.

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