Sad thoughts coming from your tulpae?

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I have had several moments where I would go quiet and feel upset for seemingly no reason. Sometimes I feel sad in reaction to our underlying depression and anxiety, other times it's because I was still burned out by something that was bothering me. Sometimes a deep talk can lift my spirits, but other times I need to be given a little bit of space.


Thinking about doubt is never fun, but it's possible the bad feeling inspired thinking about doubt. Getting up and doing something new together, having Adrian think about something else, or tackling anything bothering you that's possibly making you feel tired or upset may help if talking and snuggling can't break through it.


Thank u for you reply and the suggestion! I did snuggle with him. Most of the time I will convince him that I will not forget about him.


Yes, I think my mood swings somehow affects us too. I get burned up when I was being sad for few hours or days straight and need some space off. I think a tulpa can undergo the same emotions as the host do.

I can only really think of one instance where it seemed to come from nowhere, but even then it felt like there was an underlying reason.


Varlan is one of my tulpas who wasn't entirely intentional. He began as my character in a video game (Starbound), and then later a roleplay character, and he eventually ended up developing sentience seemingly all on his own. So he had quite a bit of backstory behind him already, and we still treat a lot of it as real.


So, getting back on topic, Yes, there was a time that he suddenly got depressed for a few days, and we determined that it was because he was missing his home world. So I had the idea to let him chat with a few friends of mine who also have characters who are from the same setting and of the same species as him, but unfortunately most of the people I knew were offline at the time. So in the end, I simply let him go inactive for a few days, during which time he says he went back home and paid a visit to a few old colleagues. He came back feeling a lot better.


I see! Same goes to my tulpa! He was created unintentionally when I was imagining a story with him being the main character. I talked to him when I get lonely. I had no clue about the concept of tulpamancy during the whole process.


That is so good to know that you have friends who practice tulpamancy too! I am so envy of you >< It's glad to hear that Varlan came back to you safely. In my opinion, I think he just had the urge to meet some friends, other than his own host (you). I'm not saying that you're not a good friend or host to him. What I meant is his urge to explore. For example, even though we have loving parents and caring friends, sometimes we need some time off to go explore the outside world on our own. Sometimes tulpas need some space of their own too :D


Sorry for my late reply though!

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Early on in Loon's development there would be patches of time where they would exhibit bouts of negativity, never too violent or intense but sort of like "background" noise. It happened again more intensely right before Loon became vocal, actually, and was mostly related to identity issues that they were having at the time.

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