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How does it feel when a tulpa fronts?

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I’m kinda wondering how this feels, because right now, I’m trying to create a tulpa. And I do wanna let them front sometimes, but I also want to know how it feels before I do let them front once they’re actually there.

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I'm not too sure what you mean specifically when you ask this. Do you mean switching or possession? Maybe both?


I'll assume both. This is from a tulpa's perspective. I'll get my hosts perspective for you soon.


Possession: It's a fine thing to do early and gets you ready for switching later. How it felt for me was that if I put enough "energy" or "effort" into moving my hosts hand, I could! It was different because I would become pseudo-attached to it; my host could immediately take back control whenever she wants. It's a nice feeling, and it makes me feel like I have a place in reality beyond the mind.


Switching: is more advanced and should be down when your tulpa is well established. What I and some people on here mean by that, is that your tulpa has been "actually there" for, I'd personally say at least half a year. It's different from possession because your tulpa has complete control over the body while you're where they were; a spectator, except when they let you possess. When I first switched-in. I felt immense joy, obviously because it worked and I got to feel every little detail and process it for myself rather than processing it through my host. So, it is a good experience, but again I recommend you do it once they're "old enough."


Gloomy: I'll use an example for this. When I first practiced possession, I felt a weird sensation in my hand. Eventually our practice got to the point where he'd be playing Minecraft and I felt like I was watching of a video.

Switching, it also felt like a video. It's quite the experience since you're in a detached state the whole time. It's a lot easier for me to focus on visualization in this state, but for many reasons I still "front."

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Hello! This is the host's tulpa's account. You can call me Ria!


Progress Report

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