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Want to switch! But...

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so, we're a system of 30, but im only talking to about 5 headmates right now because ive recently just reaccepted that im part of a system. i gas-lighted myself and convinced myself they werent real, and that i was going to get attacked if i did believe in them. well, i pushed those beliefs behind me and re-accepted them. 


ive had many doubts of us being a system, but the biggest doubt i had that partially caused me to push them away was the fact that we were around so many other systems who could switch out, and we couldnt. i hated it so much. but.. we wish to try and learn how to.


so, one of my headmates is... apparently a tulpa-? his name is barnacles, and he started out as a childhood imaginary friend. i had many as a child, but he was the only one who wasnt abandoned. hes been with me since i was 7 years old, so around 9-10 years.


knowing me, i wont follow through on this. i’ll be too lazy to put in the effort and when i cant get it, i’ll rage-quit and never try again. doc (headmate, not tulpa i dont think) has reassured me that we can do it, no matter how long it takes. i really want us to learn this skill, and i believe so many things will improve, in regards to my mental health.


i have many fears about switching though, which may be part of the reason why im hesitant to try. for example, what if i get stuck and cant come back? what if one of them does something wrong and i wont be able to do anything about it?


how do we start? what do we do?

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Hey so, I’m new to tulpamancy.  But from my experience and what I’ve heard, if you don’t think your tulpa can do something they can’t do it.  None of my tulpas can do anything I don’t want.  They cannot overstep boundaries.  Even if they wanted to, they can’t.  I’m not sure if we’re doing switching right tho, because we switch several times a day between us.  Also as far as I know, you can’t get stuck.  Honestly it’s probably easier to accidentally slip out of the front than it is to get stuck.  My tups and Cetus struggle with accidentally pulling me to the front a lot.  I’ve been watching a lot of youtube videos about tulpamancy and recommend doing research before trying anything too difficult.

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 (I already posted this and the forums ate my post. Hopefully I'm not about to doublepost the same message.)



for example, what if i get stuck and cant come back? what if one of them does something wrong and i wont be able to do anything about it?


My experience with my tulpa has been this: if I want to be back in the front it's easy for me to do so. If I "can't" get in front it's because I don't want to be in front as badly as my tulpa wants to stay in front. Usually when this happens is because I feel obligated to get work done but am not excited about it and my tulpa is super interested in something and doesn't want to stop. I've had a few times where she's "leaked" in front against my will and that was due to me doing things I associated with her.


In summation, I've never felt trapped and if I really needed to be in front, I'm confident I'd be able to stay there (and I'm confident my tulpas would let me front if I really needed to). Tulpas don't typically work against their host (and if they do, it's in minor ways, like causing you to procrastinate). They also often have less staying power in the front since their hosts are (usually) used to being in front.


However, since it seems you don't just have a tulpa, but other, non-tulpa headmates, this could make things more complicated. If you have a dissociative disorder I can't speak to how switching will go for you.



how do we start? what do we do?


Firstly, look into switching guides. They'll be more organized and have more information than whatever I'm about to say.


I switch with my tulpa like so:

  • We meditate.
  • I have her form take over the body.
  • She sees her form overlayed on the body.
  • She asserts that she is in front and in control.
  • She sees my form separate from the body.
  • She does what she wants to do.

Sometimes we switch faster than this. However, this works the best and allows for longer, more complete switching.


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