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Perform forcing and visualization at the same time

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I'm in the process of doing visualization, can I combine it with forcing? It feels a bit uncomfortable to just watch or stare at them standing there without any interaction with them.

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That's what has been called wonderlanding. 


So you can do a guided visualization exercise or just make up something. We used to do that a lot and still do on occasion. We detailed many of our adventures here until they cracked down on retelling dialogue, so we deleted all of them and our PR. Which is funny since the owner of this sight encouraged sharing your wonderland adventures and I did for a couple years. /rant


There's one exercise here that you could try. It's basically a guided wonderland exercise I wrote. Only one member ever made it to the end with their headmate. It's quite a challenge.


I can't promise you will come back, but if you do, you won't be the same.



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