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Welcome to the Visualization Practice Thread aka Visual Private Tour (VPT 1.0). This is my WIP attempt to strengthen your visualization skills.


This is not the first exercise, it's just explaining how to do the exercises

You may visualize open-eyed as you would reading a book, or close your eyes after each thought.


After some testing and research, i discovered the best way to improve your visualization skill is to practice. Some people find it difficult to create this sort of thing on their own, so here's my attempt at a little guiding and wonderland building for you.


Visualization is something you should do for at a minimun of 20 minutes a day, every day. That will gradually increase your visualization skill over time.


For those of us who do this routinely, no guide is needed, but everyone can still benefit from this.


When you do this, it should be a quiet time, no distractions, turn that phone off, no notifications for the next 20 minutes okay? Good.


I'll be your guide, but once you finish the guidance, it's just you and a partner (host, tulpa, soulbond, or thoughtform) in your wonderland.


So this may resemble my wonderland, but it isn't my wonderland, it's yours. Enjoy it. That means once we finish an exercise, feel free to do whatever you want or go back anytime.


If you're reading this in the future, just do one a day. I don't feel that binging on these will help as much. There will be time, visualization will improve slowly anyway, let there be a new adventure every day.


There will be some questions, those are for you to answer, if you like, take notes or answer them in your comment, but if you do, hide it so you won't spoil it for others.


If you have comments to improve the exercise, just pm me. That way i can go back and fix it, and it won't be a distraction.


I may pm you to change your comment if i feel it a spoiler.


Do respond with requests and ideas, that way others may even try them on their own.


Your adventures will be numbered so if you want to comment on an earlier one, just reference it.


Right now i'm thinking there will be a maximum number of these, I want them to last a little while but eventually there will be enough.


This is a journey, each exercise will feed into each other. VPT 1.0 has been planned and it includes 12 episodes. Based on comments i will improve these and if there is any interest, I'll do the next 12 as VPT 2.0 and so on.


The exercise is adapted to work as reference to 'you and your partner' that could be host and tulpa, tulpa and host, fronter and other, etc.


Good luck on your adventure!

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This is exiting! I am pretty happy with my visualisation, but it'll still be fun to looks at these.


Makes sense that practice is the best way to improve, that how it goes with most things

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"


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#VPT101.006 - Welcome to the Apartment



Feedback Notes:

V.001 to V.003 - typos

V.004 - changed 'tulpa' to 'partner'.

V.005 - set season and time

V.006 - Updated flow so as not to disrupt visualized vs guided (to the best of my ability to find them all).



Relax, find a quiet space, get comfortable and don't forget to read the first post of this thread for instructions.


This exercise starts in the morning in late spring.



You and partner awaken in the back of an ample limousine. You're draped in a satin velour blanket that feels like fine silk. The smell of fine leather and the gentle rattle of decanter glasses greet your senses. It's dark but you can just make out trees rush by through the midnight black tinting. The plush carpet is lit by two rows of dim lights that remind you of a runway. The dark burgundy appointed leather is dotted with gold buttons and fine burl wood inserts surround the cabin.


How did you get here? (Just take a minute and think of a reason) How do you feel?


As you get your bearings, a gentle feminine voice fills the cabin.

"Relax and enjoy the ride, sleepy heads."


As you ponder your situation, you notice a small box with a carefully wrapped lid and base. You're compelled to open it and are surprised to see two gold foil wrapped chocolates. The tantalizing scent of chocolate mixes with the leather in the seats and you feel privileged to enjoy such a simple treat.


The crinkle of foil against your fingers is accompanied by anticipation and as you press that creamy goodness to your tongue, the flavor brings you back to the  joy of Christmas morning, or a relaxing Halloween snack.


Think about your surroundings feel the supple leather, look at the richness of the limousine. How does your partner feel? Look at them, what are they doing now?


You lean back in the comfortable bench seats that line the sides and take a long relaxing breath. You feel warm together under the soft blanket.


The hum of the engine and the peaceful countryside passing outside, threatens to lull you back to sleep.


How does the ride feel? What can you hear? Is there any music? Think about the inside of the cabin, what does the ceiling look like?


Then you hear the deceleration, and feel the limousine is come to a stop.


The window partition comes down and a cute young girl wearing a chauffeur's coat and driver's hat, that covers her dark pigtails, pops her head through and gives you a nod, "hey you two, I'm your driver, Joy, so... well, we've arrived!" she says with an adorable smile.


You move to the window and note that, based on her stature, she could barely see over the steering wheel, let alone touch the pedals.


You have a clear view of a main street through the windshield lined with businesses, and a few tall buildings. As ponder where you might be, she pushes you back.


"Exit the vehicle. Go on!" she says sternly. A flash of growing impatience in her eyes gives you an understandable chill.


You scramble quickly from the vehicle and find yourself on a busy main street plaza.


She exits the car and skips playfully toward the large double doors of a glass front building that must be at least 50 floors tall. You follow across the cobblestone plaza and pass a large flowing fountain where two larger than life bronze mermaids pour water from large pitchers.


Breathe that fresh morning air. What do you hear? What can you see of the plaza? Can you see the people pass by? What are they like? Concentrate on a car on the main street, what color is it, what does it look like, how fast did it just pass by? Enjoy a moment next to the rippling fountain with your partner.


"This way please!" the surprisingly young-seeming girl says with ever growing impatience.


You approach the tall building, and the clear glass facade reflects the sky with a brilliant blue shine, it’s dappled by gently flowing white puffs of fluffy clouds.


You enter the double doors to an immense lobby with a pair of spiraling staircases that disappear into naturally lit circular shafts thorough the ceiling of this three-story lobby, and a see-through glass elevator that rides the outside of the building. The view is impressive, as you gaze up at the three-story gently spiraling staircases, the impossibly large marble columns, the vast expanse of glass, it all gives you a strong feeling of energetic power. With a clear view of the fountain and main street, you feel another rush of energy from the scale and elegance.


Be in the moment, take a moment to look around, smell something, feel something, look at your partner, hear something.


You fins Joy standing at the front desk next to a receptionist. The receptionist calls you over, she's chalk white with platinum blond shorter wispy hair, and in an impossibly soft voice, she says apprehensively "here's your keys, go up the elevator to the apartment and find your instructions there."


You take the keys form this timid young woman and Joy chimes in, "don't forget to have fun!" A devious gleam in her eyes makes you wonder if she was being genuine with her well wishes.


As you approach the elevator, the doors open with an inviting tune that comes through the gold trimmed glass doors. You wonder just what you got yourself into and pause to think a moment. Suddenly you feel a push as you're forced by this surprisingly strong girl into the elevator.


The doors close and she waves with a playful smirk, and as you start to ascend, you see her skip playfully out the double doors and back through the plaza.


What could this mean? As the elevator ascends, what do you see? Where do those spiral staircases go? Do you still hear the music? What else can you hear? How does the elevator ride feel?


The elevator goes through the ceiling and rides along the outside of the building. The view goes from a grand architecture of town center to a breathtaking view of the sunlit countryside in the east as the sun rises over the horizon.


Try to see the scene change as you ascend.


Across main street you see a park that abuts a mountainside trail which crawls its way up the local hill, and further up, a forested cloud ringed mountain takes shape.


After a relatively leisure ride in this fast moving elevator, the doors slide open to a hallway, and at the end is a large open door.


You walk down the finely appointed hall, lined with dark wood chair rails, elegant crown moldings, and the occasional framed landscape picture, you count 12 in all as you pass but only one of them is recognizable, it's this very building as seen looking up from the plaza below. Finally you walk through the doors to a simple apartment studio.


The first thing you notice is an oval, wood lined, glass, claw foot table adorned with a tall floral arrangement of unique blooms and amazing colors. Natural light fills this cozy space from a large bowed balcony window.


Does the couch behind you look comfortable? What does the apartment look like? What do you smell? How do you feel? Have a seat on that couch if you want, sink in, look at the pictures on the walls, what do you see? Who is in the pictures? What do you see out the large bowed balcony window? What does your partner think of all this?


There's a note on the table:


"Enjoy yourselves, have a bite from the fridge, take a stroll down main street, enjoy the rooftop pool, do whatever you like, and relax, because tomorrow we go on an adventure.


- Bear."


Ask your partner what they want to do next.


1. Realness % 0 being nothing, 100% being perfect reality.

2. How was it?

3. Quickly summarize your feelings, what was the limo ride like?  

4. Could you smell that chocolate?

5. What was the fountain like?

6. What about that staircase, where could it lead?

7. Were you worried about what you'd find?

8. Did you smell the flowers?

9. Did you look out the balcony? Go on and do that.

10. How good are the memories of this one?

(0% what memories? To 100% you mean that wasn't real?)


Ideally, you would now take a few moments to jot down what you remember of your adventure. I'd love to read that! If you share, make sure it's hidden.




You don’t need to answer any of the questions on paper, it’s not a test, just answer them to yourself, but feel free to answer any of them in hidden form or PM me, I’d be happy to review them. Also, PM me with corrections or suggestions for improvement.

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Okay, done, I LOVED it! WE loved it!!!

Thoughts below, in hidden. Warning, spoilers.


[hidden]Okay so I had trouble initially with focus, particularly because it's a large wall of text that is thematically "rich" and I prefer country-side cottage over rich hotel (I think it wasn't meant to be a hotel but MEH. My brain decided it's a hotel lol), but I managed to immerse myself in it after all and it was awesome. Particularly after entering the hotel and riding the elevator. The staircase was completely overlooked when we got distracted by the sights you could see through a transparent elevator in a glass hotel and that's about where I got super immersed in it. I even managed to stay immersed after this was done, enough to explore the hotel room/apartment in the entirety and I'll admit, it was fun to 'draw' and map it out as we went from room to room and out the balcony and all that stuff. That's impressive because focus eludes me usually lmao. This is also awesome because now that we have an entire apartment mapped out, along with vague surroundings, we have somewhere to go to that is easy to immerse into when I'd like to wonderland throughout the day. Which is normally something I'm not able to do because me coming up with a place by myself usually leads to a 2D, grayscale image with no immersive aspects (scent, sound missing) and my mind gets so bored of it that it exits through the back of my head and I end up thinking of other things lol.


Rant aside, this was awesome. It was hard to stay focused initially, (In the first quarter/half, I had to reread multiple paragraphs 2-3 times in order to retain what was happening, but I blame adhd on it. Viper was more into it than I was, so they managed to keep my mind from wandering off until I got into it) but when I got into it, it was brilliant. I didn't quite reach the visualization level of the forest trip, but it was still awesome nonetheless! Looking forward to the next one!


I'm also going to add your report thingie that we did over PMs because I thought it was cool and I think it'd be cool to keep track of it! It also helps solidify this, like recalling a dream and writing about it!


1. Realness % 0 being nothing, 100% being perfect reality.


2. Memory test.

I remember; the inside of the luxurious limousine, the smell of leather, the chocolates, unwrapping one of them and eating it, Viper giving me their own because they don't really like food, Joy opening the little window (whatever it is called), her short appearance and chauffeur clothing, stepping out into a busy plaza, sitting on the side of the fountain with Viper and taking in the sights and sounds, the business of the plaza, the vague silhouettes of people, the vague Christmas/winter themed music, the coldness of the morning and the crisp air, Viper pointing out a bright pink car passing by adorned with silly reindeer antlers and a bright red nose, getting up and hurrying inside after being rushed by Joy, the openness and fancyness of the glass hotel, with the typical rich hotel smell, the wide, fancy columns, the large wooden staircase, the reception woman waving at us welcomingly, the mischievousness and strange attitude of Joy which made Viper very uncomfortable and questioning, going into the elevator, the hotel music muffling and being replaced by elevator music, the sights outside as we went up, with the horizon getting farther and us seeing more of the gorgeous panorama, the hall with the wooden railway and reaching the room, opening the door and being greeted by a bouquet of flowers (which we promptly forgot about and they vanished, whoops), the mapping of the room, with a nice leather sofa, a little glass table and a large TV, and looking past them, the balcony across the room, the little fridge in the corner, the small hall on the right on the entrance leading to the bedroom and bathroom, the quiet and pleasant bedroom with a large bed facing a large mirror, with a smaller balcony across the room, the luxurious bathroom with bright blue flooring, a cozy, fluffy carpet into which we dug our toes, the large, super wide sink with an equally large mirror, the fancy toilet and large bathtub that could also double as a relaxing hot-tub, the large cabinet between the toilet and tub, with the towels inside it and a tower hanger under it.

3. Did you hear anything? Smell?

I heard the music, the chattering and general noise of the people in the plaza, the elevator music, the clink of the elevator as we reached the destination, opening the balcony door and hearing birds, the wooshing of the cold crisp winter air, noted the quietness of the hotel room/apartment.

For smell, vaguely. Felt the smell of the leathery sofa inside the limousine, the smell of winter upon exiting the limousine, the smell of an old and at the same time esteemed, rich hotel, with leather and wood and just... that typical fancy hotel smell.

4. Were you picturing each other at all?

Always, less (more vaguely) at the beginning, but far more as we continued.

5. How real is that memory? Could it be considered as good as you remember going to the store the other day?

About 70-80% real! I'd say yes!

6. Would you say this memory is as good as an irl memory?

Pretty darn close![/hidden]

~ We are Venny, the host, and Viper, my soul! ~

        Click here! Come join us on the chat!

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Very nice. When these are all done, you ought to put them in a pretty PDF and make a nice guide to visualization! We spent a full half-hour daydreaming over some Christmas Bossa Nova.


Edit: You said you wanted suggestions? Well, I'd love to see a beach adventure, or a guided "give yourself wings and powers and go have fun" tour. I've tried flying, but it's just not very satisfying yet. Cassidy votes for something in space, like a high-speed spaceship race. That'd be fun.

>tf when you google for "famous quotes by Marcus Aurelius" and had a fake one as your sig for months

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#VPT102.006 - Ready for a Hike


Feedback Notes:


Notes: based on feedback, there will be a beach cove added to #VPT103, flying is in #VPT107, and a big surprise added to #VPT 112 that will end season 1 with a harrowing conclusion.

V.001 and .002 - changed 'tulpa' to 'partner' typos.

V.003 - slowed the pace in the beginning.

V.004 - clarified time and added season.

V.005 - Updated for flow.

V.006 - minor change to order of dress-in in apartment.



Warning, this is a longer one, so you'll need a little more time than #VPT101. I recommend you do that one first if you haven't already.


Relax, find a quiet space, get comfortable and don't forget to read the first post of this thread for instructions.


This exercise starts in a warm late spring.



You and your partner were just resting after a fun exploration of the apartment and surrounding areas and happened to notice the conveniently placed plush bed in this wonderland apartment in the sky. Sunlight beams through the adjacent window and a warm afternoon breeze causes the curtains to dance to some unknown melody. It's so inviting, maybe just a little rest could recharge your batteries after dinner.  In the afternoon breeze you smell a hint of sea air.


Lay down, have a cuddle, let the long afternoon rays warm you inside and out. What do you see? How soft is the comforter?


You are laying with your partner, warm and relaxed. The breeze feels like the soft touch of butterfly wings against your cheeks. Your eyelids begin to feel heavy, you sink in further, surrounded by the fluff of a soft mattress...


It feels like no time has passed but you must have slept because it's morning and a fresh cool breeze is now coming through the open balcony. You feel as fresh as that scent in the air, the smell of pine and clean air after a good rain makes you yearn for the trees of that mountain hike.


You get up and realize that where there was once a bouquet of fragrant flowers on an elegant oval table is now a chrome lid over a platter.


Look around the apartment, do you see anything unusual? Look up, how high is the ceiling? Do you smell anything? Do you hear anything? Are there birds chirping outside? Can you hear the traffic on main street?


You decide to walk with your partner out to the balcony, just to get a good look at that marvelous view. As you step out into the cool morning air, you can feel the sun’s rays kiss your face and the warmth is so relaxing, you may just decide to go take another nap. You take a deep breath and gaze out to the street facing window. You can see people walking on the sidewalks below and the cars busily filling the intersections.  Across the main street is a park where children are already playing on the swings. Beyond that is a trailhead and you can just make out the start of that mountain trail.


Look around, what else do you see, any landmarks? Look at the park, are there old people on park benches feeding pigeons or joggers running the vita track? Hold on tight, lean over the balcony and look down, how high are you? Can you feel the exhilaration of height?


On the horizon, the morning haze is just enough to obscure everything but the outline of the large forested mountain. A walk through the forest seems so inviting, but the rumbling of your stomach reminds you that you haven't eaten yet this morning, so first, it’s time for a quick breakfast.


That chrome lid on the breakfast table beckons to be opened.  So you step over with your partner and they pull off the lid…


What kind of treats do you see? How does it smell? Is there anything to drink? Take something and give it to your partner. Watch the expression on their face. Then take one yourself and bite it. Let the flavor fill your mouth with heavenly flavor.


You both sit in elegant claw footed high backed chairs and greedily take your fill of the ample breakfast.


*ding* the apartment door is still open and you could just hear the elevator doors open. The sound of footsteps on wooden floor catches your attention; someone’s coming.  Your attention moves to the slightly open door and your mind fills with anticipation and anxiety. Maybe you should have bothered to lock the door?


Could it be that chauffeur from yesterday? Will she be taking you somewhere else? What do you and your partner feel now? Can you hear the footsteps come ever closer?


The door swings open as if on its own yet no one is there. The air feels heavy and foreboding. In the dead silence you hear shallow breathing. Then you hear the gentle mewing of a small red and white cat. She strolls in and rubs her neck against your bare feet. The warmth of her fur against your skin almost tickles. She squeezes between your feet, and her red furry tail curls around your ankle as she passes to your partner.  With a hop she’s sitting on the table right in front of them, begging to be pet.


You instinctively reach out to the small creature and as you scratch under her chin, you can see the smile on that kitten’s face widen, her eyes close to mere slits, enjoying the attention. Your partner feels her purr under the palms of their hands and you can hear that gentle sound. She gently sniffs at your leftovers and sits up properly to clean herself.  A few licks of her paw and she’s on her way to freshening up.


How was breakfast? How are you feeling? How is your partner feeling? Were you nervous before the cat showed up?


You notice a small note tucked into her red band collar. The bell tinkles a melodic high pitch as you tug the note from her neck. The cat seems to watch you with happy eyes as you read the note:


“Meet me at the mountain trailhead across the park. - Ren”


As suddenly as she entered she leaps from the table and runs down the hall. You hear the elevator doors close and it quickly descends.


You look to your partner and smile, contemplating what just happened. That’s when you notice the packs and hiking gear. Above them are a new set of hiking clothes.


What do the cloths look like, what are they? What color are they? Do the two sets match? Are they shorts or pants? Are there any boots? Spend a little time getting you and your partner dressed. Feel the clothing slide over you as you change out. It'll be warm enough for shorts, but pants are more protective. Do you think it'll get rough? Maybe the shoes are more like boots? A hat is always good to protect you from the sun. The shirt might be loose and have pockets, or is it tight fitting and sheer to keep down the possibility of snagging on a stray branch?


You and your partner decide now is as good a time as any, let's go for a hike!


You’re off. Down the long well appointed hallway, you contemplate the rich appearance and let it sink in that you can come back and stay here any time.


You stroll into the elevator feeling elated by the idea of adventure that awaits, *ding* the doors close and you’re zooming down the side of the tall building. You look off across the park and see that mountain looming. It seems to grow as you descend.


The elevator glides down and starts to decelerate as you see the lobby of the building. The grand staircases seemingly made of marble and gold beckons, but you have other plans. As the doors open you hear the bustle of people in the lobby, a clerk at the desk reprimands two children for running. You’re struck by the shine of the impossibly tall glass front. Crystalline etchings in the glass collect sunlight and cast rainbows across the marble floors.


Take a moment to take in the sights, greet the receptionist, watch the people busily moving in and out. Contemplate those glorious spiral staircases. Ask your partner to ask the receptionist where those stairs go.


It's time to go, you enjoy the specks of rainbows that catch your eye as you exit through the double doors. You cross the cobblestone plaza. The splashing of water catches your attention as you see more children playing in the central fountain. They take turns as two tall bronze mermaids pour water over their heads. It’s already warming up and they’re getting a head start on this warm day with a splash in the fountain.


What can you see? Can you hear anyone say anything? Is anyone on their phone? Stop time if you want and wander over to someone, take a look what they're doing on that phone.


Across the main street is the park, you walk through the intersection and the tall oak trees seem to greet you as their branches sway in the morning breeze. You walk under them with the crunch of an occasional leaf under your feet.


Look up through the canopy, try to spot exotic birds, listen carefully.  Can you smell the bakery next to the park? Can you almost taste the freshly baked bread? Take your partner by the hand and consider your next move. No one’s going to fault you for having a little side quest to pick out a donut to share.


The park is a beautiful green, and the children’s laughter brings you back to younger days. Across the grassy field is the trailhead marker. Your anticipation is peeked as you make your way through the fresh cut grass field. The smell is clean and fresh and dew dampens your boots or shoes as you walk. You can see your slightly darker footsteps behind you. The light catches the dew laden grass just right and a shimmer of light dances around you.


Delight gets the better of you as you notice someone waiting. You run to the trailhead and are greeted by a smiling young woman with striking red hair and pointy cat ears. She offers her hand, and her sweet voice reminds you of the laughter of those children in the park, “hi I’m Ren! Follow the path and you won’t get lost, I promise.”


She smiles impishly at you and giggles a bit then she bolts toward the nearest tree, trailed by her long red tail. She climbs it with ease and she’s lost in the canopy in seconds.


You look off toward the trail and the trees thicken in every direction but one.


Look around you now, are there any scampering squirrels? What do the birds sound like? Do you smell anything? Ask your partner what they think of all this. Is that field just too inviting? How will it feel to run and slide on that fresh wet grass? Go on and do that. Explore the forest edge, check out the brook that marks the end of the field, look for tadpoles in the small pond next to the trailhead. It’s your time to explore a bit with your partner.


1. Realness % 0 being nothing, 100% being perfect reality.

2. How was it?

3. Quickly summarize your feelings.  

4. Did you enjoy the plush bed?

5. What was it like to look out over the balcony?

6. How did the morning breeze feel?

7. Did you look down?

8. What was breakfast like?

9. Could you smell the fresh treats?

10. How about the lobby of the building, did anything catch your eye?

11. What was the fountain in the plaza like?

12. How about the trees?

13. Did you look up through the branches and see the speckles of sunlight through the canopy?

14. Are you excited to see what adventure awaits you up the trail?

15. How good are the memories of this one?

(0% what memories? To 100% you mean that wasn't real?)


Ideally, you would now take a few moments to jot down what you remember of your adventure. I'd love to read that! If you share, make sure it's hidden.




You don’t need to answer any of the questions on paper, it’s not a test, just answer them to yourself, but feel free to answer any of them in hidden form or PM me, I’d be happy to review them. Also, PM me with corrections or suggestions for improvement.

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Alrighty. This one is a tease! :P Time for a hike, but without the hike! Still, we loved it!

Thoughts below, in hidden. Warning, spoilers!


[hidden]Okay so, I had an easier time with focus this time! It was all around easier and I didn't have to go back and re-read almost at all. Whew! The only things that felt a little weird was the idea of suddenly falling asleep (had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that it suggested to lay down and cuddle then suddenly, BAM, you fell asleep, followed instantly by waking up. Might I suggest for sleeping/napping/similar instances to make the slide into it slower? I know that's not the point of the exercise, but you allocate a lot of details to everything around, from the sounds to the smells and the sights, so actions should, in my opinion, receive a similar amount of detail, even if it's something simple as sleeping. Just an idea! :D


The other thing I personally had trouble with, but I believe this is entirely my problem, is that things move really fast and my brain somehow lags. Leaving the apartment and going to the elevator, by the time my eyes were reading the "ding", my self image was barely across half the hallway. By the time the exercise reached the park, my self image was just barely past the fountain and on the way to the intersection. I think this is my brain zooming and trying to read fast fast fast, while the actual processing of it has a hard time keeping up with it. I blame the ADHD and am pretty sure it'll improve with practice.


Now for the questions:

1. Realness % 0 being nothing, 100% being perfect reality.

Roughly 50-60%

2. How was it?

Super fun! The little "side quests" as you called them are super fun.

3. Quickly summarize your feelings.  

Happy, content and excited!

4. Did you enjoy the plush bed?

Absolutely! Plush bed + warm sun + friend by your side = awesomeness

5. What was it like to look out over the balcony?

Terrifying for us. Viper is still aprehensive over heights, but I reassured them even if we fell, in this world we wouldn't die, so they just held me and I leaned over and look a goooood glance!

6. How did the morning breeze feel?

Cool, brisk, but super refreshing, especially in tandem with the sun rays.

7. Did you look down?

Once Viper got over their fear, you betcha!

8. What was breakfast like?

Delicious! Oven roasted chicken and mashed potatoes! Even Viper ate some! Also, lemonade for drinks!

9. Could you smell the fresh treats?

Vaguely. Gotta work more on smell, it's the weakest sense.

10. How about the lobby of the building, did anything catch your eye?

The stairway and especially, the marble floors which we didn't notice before! And oh no!! We forgot to say hi to the reception woman! D: I feel bad now, gotta mentally note to say hi when we got back.

11. What was the fountain in the plaza like?

Cool and refreshing, and so were the kids! "Side quest" here! Viper decided going to the park could wait! They were shapeshifted as a dog and just went for it, jumped straight into the fountain and played with the kids :).

12. How about the trees?

Big and looming, a proper entrance to a foresty park!

13. Did you look up through the branches and see the speckles of sunlight through the canopy?

We did, got almost instantly distracted by insects flying by! Viper (still as a dog) proceeded to hop n skip after a butterfly for a while until I called them back!

14. Are you excited to see what adventure awaits you up the trail?


15. How good are the memories of this one?

I'd say 80%.


I'll go ahead and summarize it because it helps cement it and give it more permanence as a memory!


So, we noticed the plush, comfy looking bed, made even more attractive by the sunlight peeking through the window. We went ahead and laid down on it, balcony door open to allow the sunlight and the sounds of trafic and nature to come through and lull us to sleep. After a quick nap, we got up, walked back into the main area of the apartment and took note of the covered silver platter sitting invitingly on the table. It was morning (wow! morning all the time here!) and we went out on the balcony to admire the scenic view, cars wooshing down the main street, kids running and playing and farther away, the peacefulness of the park's nature and the mountain trail. Old people enjoying the park as they sat on the benches, kids running around, young adults walking dogs, all around a pleasant atmosphere. We looked down and Viper realized just how high we are and how dangerous this is and pulled me back intensely, before I reassured them that even if we somehow fell, we wouldn't die in this world. They apprehensively agreed and held onto me more tightly that necessary as I bent over the railway to take a glimpse of the world under our balcony.

We went back inside to the tantalizing food, lifted the cover and were instantly hit by the smell of delicious roast chicken and mashed potatoes, mmm! Viper was apprehensive, but I encouraged them and we both enjoyed the roast and the mashed potatoes equally! It was delicious! Once done, we heard the elevator ding, along with footsteps coming out way and we couldn't help wonder whether it was the ever mysterious and slightly creepy !! Joy was back, or if it would be someone new. The door opened to a small orange and white kitty who walked in, hopped on the table and left us a message (after receiving some good pets, of course). An invitation to the mountain trail. She left as soon as she arrived and we were left almost stumped as we stared at the hiking backpacks and clothing! Viper decided they didn't want to dress up in anything, which was more than fair. I went ahead and put on the trail clothes, green-gray themed with light boots (like Steve Irwin's ranger clothing! :D), put on a hat, put a hat on Viper's head too and we prepared to leave. Viper shapeshifted into a mid-size dog and we went off. Also oops, we forgot to lock the door, go figure! It's fine though! We went down with the elevator back into the lobby, witnessed the two kids getting chastised for running, watched the sunlight reflect rainbows across the marble floor, took note of the busy atmosphere and went off! As soon as we stepped outside through the glass doors, we noticed kids frolicking and having fun in the fountain and Viper, free soul that they are, ran off in that direction and jumped straight in, splashing back and forth with the kids and frolicking alongside them!). I called them back after a while and we proceeded across the intersection and towards the park. We were welcomed by large, looming trees and we could feel the scent of fresh pastry intermingling with the scent of nature and forest. We decided we were too full to eat more, so we continued into the park and it took less than a second for Viper to get distracted by a little white butterfly and run off after it, still in the dog form. The grass was dewy and cool and sparkled in the sunlight. At this point they had lost their hat, but neither of us noticed. After a while I called them back and we continued walking through the park and to the trail start together. We reached it, were greeted by Ren before she disappeared into the trees and we glanced at the foresty entrance. We turned back and went to the little pond instead and played a game of "catch the most tadpoles". Viper won with... uh... 12 vs 9 I believe. I also caught a frog and Viper, who morphed back into a human form, gently poked it and noted how its skin felt a lot like their own. I told them to be gentle, because nature is alive too and deserves respect. We turned back away from the pond and decided, since I had my hiking backpack with me, to set camp somewhere! This is also the moment we realized Viper lost their hat, which was slowly moving across the grass a little farther away. They went, fetched it and placed it back on their head, now back into dog form, before we went in a more remote side of the forest edge and set up a tent together. We went and sat in to relax :).[/hidden]

~ We are Venny, the host, and Viper, my soul! ~

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#VPT103.004 - The Shoreside Meadow


Feedback Notes:


Notes: based on feedback:

Give partners something to do.

Try to slow it down a little.

V.001 - added season.

V.002 - edited for flow.

V.003 - Bre mentioned that he hiked up the mountain so I had to mention that there are other obvious trails.

V.004 - Add pathing cues.



I recommend you do these in order, so go back and start from the beginning if you haven’t followed along.


This one is a little shorter than the last one, so take your time.


Relax, find a quiet space, get comfortable and don't forget to read the first post of this thread for instructions. Remember to be mindful of what your partner is doing.


This exercise starts in the late morning in late spring, it's warm.




After some contemplation you decide, since you're all decked out in hiking gear, that you’re ready for that hike. Though you are slightly apprehensive about the thick forest ahead of you, it’s just a forest trail, what’s the worst thing that could happen? You look back to the peaceful field behind you, the park, the main street and the apartment building in all its splendor.


Then you hear giggling and look up to the canopy of a nearby tree. It’s Ren again, wearing a light grey hoodie and shorts, her long red hair cascades down around her.  She’s gripping a branch with one hand, bracing against the trunk with one bare foot, and her long nails are dug in, acting like climbing claws. Her tail playfully whips at the air, but the look in her face is one of excitement and determination. “You won’t have any more fun standing around here! Go on!"


You look on to the trail ahead, and when you look back, you notice Ren scamper down and run back across the field. You wave, but she’s long gone in moments.


The ground is still very level as you begin the trek. After a short walk you've already seen three minor trails. They all look reasonably kept... and frankly you're itching for adventure. So when you find a slightly smaller, less traveled trail off to the left you look at each other, shrug, and start walking side by side down and away into the forest.


The dirt path is littered with prints, raccoon, rabbit, even lizard. As you enter the thicker forest, it seems you're surrounded by green. Looking up you see the canopy, speckles of light amidst a green filter of broad leaves. The air itself feels green; it even smells of greenery with a hint of that fresh cut grass from the field.


Listen for a moment and think about anything you might hear in a temperate forest. Look for any animals you might see. What color are the flowers on the creeping vines?


Walking deeper into the dense forest, the path turns to forest litter and the crunch of leaves under your feet sounds like the loud crunching of an enormous beast, feasting on the bones of his prey. As the wind blows through the forest, you can hear the beast breathing, feel his warm breath on your face; the moistened air frizzes your hair. As you continue, soon the air becomes stale and oppressive and the deeper you go, the trees close in on the path as if warning you of impending doom.


There's a flash of light ahead, then suddenly you're free; the trees clear, and a large meadow opens before you, spotted with tiny white daises and dandelions. The smell of jasmine, lilac and everything green catches your breath with an unmistakable essence of spring.


You look back to the tiny path in the dense forest and think, ‘we’re not going back that way.’ looking around, the mountain looms to your right, and the meadow dissapears over a ridge ahead.


It’s mid-morning and you're just a bit peckish, so a quick snack wouldn’t hurt to keep up your energy; this is the perfect place for a picnic. Luckily you brought a little something you bought at the bakery, so you settle your packs and pull out a light blanket for a spread.


As you relax, the warm sun kisses your face and your eyes become heavy, as if drunken in its embrace.


Look around you at the large meadow. Can you see the oppressive tree line you came from? Can you feel the warmth of the sun against you?


Your partner opens a small wicker basket from the bakery, the smell of fresh bread, seemingly still warm from the oven, makes your mouth water. You can taste that savory delight almost as much as the jelly you brought to add to it. You can just about feel that sweetness caress your tongue in that first bite.


Take a moment to look at your partner and everything else, notice something unusual, listen for something, smell something, feel something. Exotic birds flutter from tree to tree here in this picturesque landscape. Spot one and describe it.


Your partner rips open the bread and spreads jelly in thick swaths on the white fluff. They hand you half and you both enjoy a sweet moment together.


You look up and see a seagull pass over head and you notice at the end of the meadow to the right the treeline ends at the bank of a river. Since you’re not ready to move on, and you’re not going back either, why not check it out? So as you clean up, your partner runs off to check it out.  


As you finish pressing everything back into your pack, you walk to the riverbank and notice it transitions to more of a delta. Over a small ridge you see water, it expands to the horizon and now as you hear the waves crash you realize it’s a private alcove open to the ocean. But where's your partner? Scanning the alcove you find them in the dry sand at the shoreline. Thankful, you run to meet them.


Can you smell the sea air? Can you hear the waves crash? Are there more seagulls? What does the deserted beach look like? Is there any sign that anyone has been there? Is it clean or littered with driftwood and seaweed?


You’re compelled to rip off your shoes to get your feet on that soft sand. Then you realize it’s burning hot and run to the wet sand close to the water. As your feet cool, it feels very nice and you slightly sink into the soft wet sand.  The waves crash near enough that you get a little sea water onto your feet. The water is cool but refreshing.


The water is inviting and you noted earlier that there are swimsuits in your pack. The waves are rather small and silky, so feel free to enjoy a splash or rip everything off, get out those bathing suits, and go nuts in the salty sea surf. Watch out for stingrays and jellyfish! Don't worry though because they won't sting, in this cove they're all rather friendly and sting free. The worst they could do is tickle your ankles.


After a small break enjoying the ocean, you get yourself back to hike mode, drying off and replacing anything you may have removed earlier. You decide to explore a little more and walk with your partner further along the shore. You realize the alcove stops with jagged rocks that jut out into the water. The rougher waves here crash against the rocks with dramatic plumbs of sea spray.  The rocky cliffside rises high and looks impassable without climbing gear. If you peer out to the left of the jutting rocks you see the town you left. The apartment apparently has a beach in the rear and you can just make out people playing volleyball. Boats are moored at the docks nearby and it’s obviously high tide, so you presume on low tide it would be an easy walk back to town.


You notice a large cave in the cliffside beside the beach, feel free to explore. What kind of ships do you see at the docks? Look at one in particular, what would it be like to sail on that?


You both turn around and walk back to the river delta about a kilometer down the shore, then you realize the river is moving too fast even at the delta to cross it. Based on the discharge, surely you’d be swept back to the cove if you tried to cross it.


Look down at the sand, what color is it? Can you find any crabs or seashells? Look up at the late morning sky, are there any clouds? Look out to sea, do you see the waves crash onto the shore? Are there any boats on the horizon?


To the right is the mountain. The dense forest surrounds the meadow, but there’s a trail that is obviously part of the hike along the river. You see footprints of various size so you figure it’s safe enough.


Explore and enjoy, there’s plenty of time, and when you’re ready, the riverside trail awaits. Collect seashells, pick crabs for epic seaside crab battles. During low tide, try to catch the seahorses in the tide pools, there's a nice campsite by the cliffs with designated rock lined fire rings. A stack of driftwood is begging to be used for a warm campfire. Imagine watching the stars and planets at night, drifting silently overhead like shimmering fairies sleepily holding tiny lanterns.


1. Realness % 0 being nothing, 100% being perfect reality.

2. Can you remember the beast's breath?

3. What was it like on the dense forest path?

4. Did you hear any birds?

5. Were you picturing each other at all?

6. How did it feel to reach the meadow?

7. How was the snack?

8. Did you see any crabs?

9. What did the exotic birds look like?

10. Can you describe one of the boats moored at the dock?

11. How good are the memories of this one?

(0% what memories? To 100% you mean that wasn't real?)


Ideally, you would now take a few moments to jot down what you remember of your adventure. I'd love to read that! If you share, make sure it's hidden.



You don’t need to answer any of the questions on paper, it’s not a test, just answer them to yourself, but feel free to answer any of them in hidden form or PM me, I’d be happy to review them. Also, PM me with corrections or suggestions for improvement.

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