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Dungeons & Dragons with tulpas?


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It is said that tulpamancy is easier for those who have previous experience with role playing. It may be safe to assume that such an activity, when done with a tulpa, could be a fun way to force.


So the question is, has anyone attempted to play Dungeons and Dragons or any other role playing game with their system mates?

What are your experiences?

How did your friends react?

Was it any fun?

Can a game be played solely between the members of a single system?


We would love to hear your thoughts!


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Yes, but only in-system. It was great actually. We had the same vib with Rimworld. I had to mod the game so pawns weren't so easily killed but we had a ton of fun with that, kinda like living as a tribe who is constantly raided.

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Kind of? I mean he did start out as a tabletop roleplaying character, after all. Since his presence as a Tulpa was confirmed, so to speak, he did seem to help me out. Somehow, when having to talk in-character, it was a lot easier to speak as him. Words came more freely, as opposed to me having to pause and consider what I was going to say, which is what I would normally do. That was fascinating. But playing as separate characters or running a game with him as a player? No. We write together instead.

Doc (she/her) = Host

Franklyn (he/him) = Tulpa

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We tried that. Chaz gave up after getting frustrated over the math.

MuC Redux: [N~-=$] [Pf/xo] [Ab(r/+)] [S.H+/o] [Opa/"outergenic"] [Mt/nd] [W*-~$!] [C(cc/m*#)] [OF(r/o+++)] [F*+^"deist"/~+/a+/div+^/mw+^]  [Mpsy+/ast=/spi+/mag] [Rf/p/r+] [(V)*] [Xb/as/h] [Gf/m/b] [Jwr/st] [S(r---/o-)] [R*]

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Yeah, not with D&D though. Me, Gwenpool and Zone-Tan played the tabletop RPG game, Toon, and it was super fun. They're fantastic RPers.

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Roleplay yes, particularly D&D no. I do occasionally play D&D though but I roleplay on discord frequently and it is a good experience (If I ignore the fact that I have to moderate/admin roughly and collectively 9-10 roleplay servers at the same time lmao). I do notice that it helps me and sasha bond better as well as helping our developing tulpa to develop easier.

S: = Sasha

Aly: = Alyssu

Hada: = Hadayaki

Z: = Zakiel

A: = Alex

Zen: = Zen

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We had a couple sessions and it was a blast and a great way to force. Super mentally exhausting and challenging though, but definitely great for building parallel processing since it encourages problem solving. I'd lookup Me myself and Die on youtube. Its solo dnd, but more similar to what tulpa dnd is like than playing with a group of humans.

I'm the host, but I also have Yulia with me.

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