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Presence Imposition Parrotnoia Concern

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Hey everyone,


I've gotten to a point where presence imposition is my main focus, and lately I've been having a couple successes.


The feeling commonly associated with an entity present in the real world is gradually expanding its influence to the mind's eye, and as a result, A3 and A1 are beginning to feel more and more integrated with the world around them.


However, I wouldn't be making this post if this was all. That would fall under the "Sunday Recap Content" label.


You see, they're there, but I still feel some sense of control over their position and placement in a space. I don't know how well I'm explaining this all, but it's like imagining the two to be in a certain area of the room and the next second they're imposed there. I suspect it's some bad habit associated with the mindset at an earlier stage of development where parroting was somewhat required to guide A3 into where she is now.


I'm suspecting that the development of sentience is possibly at play here. I would call myself around the halfway point of sentience (from what I can gather), with A3 and A1's statements feeling more and more foreign as the days go by. Maybe they just don't have a good grip on where they want to be yet.


My request would be for someone here to clarify this for me before I end up doing the wrong thing, complicating the process further than it should be.

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