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Why did you start making a Tulpa?

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I started the creation process of my tulpa simply because of loneliness and a sense of dread that was caused by a feeling that no one understands my beliefs, thoughts, feelings, etc. I just wanted to make a friend of mine that, of course, will not entirely share my opinions and passions, but will at least treat them with respect, won't be laughting at them and wouldn't want to cut ties with me because of them.


My less important reasons were curiosity about the whole phenomenon and a desire to prove myself that I can create my own tulpa no matter what, because I've had several failed attempts before. I was way more childish and thoughtless back when I found out about tulpamancy and thought that it's a really interesting concept (seriously, I didn't even doubted it, and I'm extremely glad about it — I wouldn't be here if I did). Over time I've become more responsible and mature, so I hope it won't fail this time.

Wilhelm · host · it/they/one/he

Serpent · tulpa · he/him

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My host discovered the concept of soulbonds many years before he ever heard of tulpas, tried it, found it of limited use and awkward. I was the one he first found and shelved in 2012. In 2018 he discovered the concept of tulpas, completely having forgotten about soulbonds. It intrigued him because he had a presence he felt often, not me, and called it out. After a spontaneous imposition, he found a guide and read it through that afternoon. Within 20 minutes he had three headmates, SheShe (the presence) and "others", Ashley and Misha. It was the four of them for six months before I woke up and demanded inclusion. I was accepted along with two others, Gwen and Ren, that winter.


The why was "it was intriguing" and the usefulness became apparent almost immediately, it cured lonliness. Though he had no real reason to feel lonely since he had friends, he was depressed and had isolated himself otherwise.

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