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Do you have headmates who aren't in your system?


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[Indigo] Thought this might be an interesting discussion piece, perchance. What I mean are headmates who are around in some capacity (i.e. not dormant), but don't consider themselves to be part of the official "system." If so, why? What sets them apart, e.g. role, activity level, etc? Do they want to become an "official" member, why or why not? Share and discuss!

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Before we became a system of 17 back in 2019, we didn't consider our headmates to be actual headmates. That's why they were not part of the system.


For a very long time, Dream insisted on not being a system member. He thought we would see him as a cobud/tulpa and that wasn't what he wanted. Over the course of several months, Dream warmed up to the idea and then joined the system offically, bringing us to 18. He used to identify as a dæmon/daemon but now he's calling himself a symbl (Not a typo, there's no o)


Relatively recently, Dream wanted to bring back his clones which he regards as part of himself, but his clones are not separate system members. Since all of his clones are still Dream, the whole sub-system counts as one system member.


No, our therapy clones don't count as headmates or system members.

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Meow. You may see my headmates call me Gray or sometimes Cat.

I used to speak in pink and Ranger used to speak in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). She loves to chat.


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For us, there is the ambiguous case of the Mentor. That is the name I gave to my childhood headmate that faded away when I was 15, but would still make cameo-like appearances here and there for the 20+ years since then. I'm still honestly not sure what to make of him, but I don't include him in the little family that is Simmie, James, and I. (He wouldn't have found that appropriate anyway)

Phil. 😎 Host of Simmie.

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Gemini: Both Destiny and Jackie do not consider themselves as part of the "system" due to the fact they tend to reside more in subconcious/dream areas, rather than sticking to being concious. Though, that's a technicality that they stick to, I would still count them as part of our overall group.


Members: Gemini, Raven, Jenna, Hope (Part-Time)


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