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The Benefits of Tulpa's (or Alters) for the brain

The Incans

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As someone with neurological issues I've spent alot of time researching ways to keep my brain active and prevent deterioation of faculties. Open world video games come up alot as good way of stimulating areas of the brain that tend to be affected first in conditions such as Parkinsons and Dementia.  eg learning huge open world maps and new controls/game mechanics keeps parts of brain such as spacial awareness, hand-eye co-ordination, planning and such working.  exercise games such as wii fit are focused on balance and co-ordination.


I wondered if anyone had studied the effects of having an Inner World and Tulpa's as you have much the same processes going on:


social games that involves planning and creativity  - Interacting with your Tulpa and the planning of your inner wonderland together.


The process of creation and higher-order thinking skills.. Initial creation of your Tulpa and the Wonderland plus things like learning of posession of body parts by Tulpa's, co-hosting, co-consciousness would probably be classsed as 'higher order thinking skills'  


I've had some pretty severe brain fog through peri menopause and with experiencing a mild stroke and long covid during the pandemic causing severe Tinnitus and chronic fatigue...Knowing of others in same position and how much they have deteriorated I've wondered how I've still managed to be living independantly!!


I really believe it's because I know (or believe) in my mind there's not 'just me' dealing with it...  eg if the Tinnitus gets bad other alters or Tulpas (I've had both throughout the last 8 years) could switch with me to take the front...consequently 'I' (as host of the body) felt I'd 'had a break from it'. even if only for a few hours whereas non-plural people are trapped in the mindset that they're coping with it 24/7 leading them to much more severe mental decline. (ie dark thoughts of being unable to cope with constant screeching Tinnnitus or other chronic symptoms eg pain...with no expected break from it). 


My other 'versions of me' struggled with it whilst up front too, but the fact is there was more than one of me to deal witih it! ..so my dissociated brain was able to break up the experience and get 'us' through it.   my highly compartmentalised brain was sub-consciously using our dissociation as an advantage!


Different perspectives helped too...Inca believing she is animal spirit so is of course used to a larger range of frequencies and sounds than 'humans' can hear ..she could front and did not perceive the Tinnitus to be as stressful and exhausting as an alter with an over sensitivity to sounds for example..  ... Is having 'others' within me the secret of my survival???  ..I believe so... 


So could people who may not necessarily be on the dissociative spectrum but who have chosen to create one or more Tulpa gain the same kind of advantage as they age??

Human Host: Lily (female, 55)

Tulpa Co Hosts: Lena (female human form, age-slider)

                            Jess/Tinks (Changeling Guardian - human/animal form names)



The Inca Trail


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