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Could someone or someones draw muh Tulper


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Im an ok artist but not as good as people who i have seen on here. Lots of people here have talent and i would like to see her drawn in different styles so i wish that anyone and everyone Draw her plz. thankies i will be greatly appreciated :D


Her Name is Mjolnir, she's a Humanoid anthropomorphic white wolf biped, she is all white fur except for a black fured crescent moon on her forehead where the round convex side is facing left and the right concave side of the crescent moon is facing right. Her legs are haunch wolf style legs with just slightly larger than normal wolf shaped feet(slightly larger than normal for her size). She has a skinny athletic type build and stands at 6ft 7in (OPTIONAL: could you also draw a black silhouette that's 6ft 2in next her). Her hands are human shaped except they have pads on the palm and fingers where your fingerprints are, also she has short claws on her hands and feet. she has wolf like ears on the top of her head, her hair/mane is white and looks like extra fur on her head going down the back of her neck and on the top of her back(looks kinda like this Formal-Enough-203257448 Her eyes are different colours, her left eye is light brown and her right eye is blue. Her bust also different, she has 4 boobs(like 2 on top of 2). Her top pair are DDs and the lower are Ds(these look normal size on accounting her size and height). she has a muzzle and her nose colour is black.


And that's MJ, many thanks to you all :D


If link dosent work >> http://www.deviantart.com/art/Formal-Enough-203257448

<<< http://community.tulpa.info/thread-mjolnir >>>


Gender: Female

Birth/Creation: Febuary 4th 2013


Gender: Female

Birth/Creation: April 4th 2014


Gender: Female

Birth/Creation: May 1st 2015

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Maybe you should place your request in someones draw thread. Or better yet, place a link to this thread in your signature and maybe someone will notice it. Where are the artistically gifted people when you need them?

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Guest Anonymous

Nuu... I'm having fun here. You can join too.


*procedes to eat Ginyu's fingers*

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