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Tulpa knows all languages you know, this applies to being bilingual only right? Cuz i learn french in school and the only tulpa i have that can speak the same amount of french as me is Muse. The others dont really care for it and only know simple words that ive gotten fluent with, like bonjour, salut, j’aime dessiner and stuff like that. Just tried asking Alix what je me reveille a sept heures et je me leve meant, pushed the translation to the back of my mind and continuously repeated potato in my head, and she had no clue what it meant and like literally guessed potato (also btw, i didnt bother hiding the translation with the common words im fluent with, so ik not entirely sure if she does actually know it or if she just read my mind) However, i asked Alix if she knew any chinese and she basically responded with ’i know a bit’ and then went and say ’i can speak a little chinese’ in chinese. Really weird sounding, not used to chinese thoughts XD




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