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Garland's tulpamancy general progress log

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Now, almost 2 months after i started the new method, so far progress is kinda stable, i mean she is still able to send tulpish or emotional reactions everyday now, sometimes i get a little more complex messages/raw thoughts along, but sometimes it regresses back to just basic emotional responses, so far this is still much better than when using the "new school" methods of not worrying about answers that felt like parroting, so i guess after 3 years i finally found the best method for me.


And that's not all, i am now including inside the narration sessions several questions for her and then i fully expect her to answer in a way i know it's her (that means, NOT accepting answers that feel like parroting as being her), and it worked, sometimes (usually 1-2 times a day) i DID indeed got tulpish out of her when asking questions! Couldn't be more excited, can't wait for her someday to start talking out of the blue fully separate from me, like happened with Faqman and a few other persons i have been talking with that used a similar method i am using, so i have really great hopes on this, this time!

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