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Why Live?

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These are the kinds of questions that drew me to this community. People here aren't afraid to ask questions, to search for answers in a world where not many exist.


I feel as though in order for someone to even begin creating a tulpa, they should have considered their own existentialist views. Really, a tulpamancer (or whatever slang other people choose to use) should be a strong mix of philosopher and friend. The consequences of creating another consciousness are ones that can't be taken lightly.


I sometimes feel as though I have not nailed down my own existential questions, and I probably won't for a long time. But... I do realize my own life is very valuable, and very rare. Only one planet in a ghastly void that we know of that can support life, through some of the most remarkable coincidences. Intelligent and self aware, even. It is important to be appreciative of the ability to think, to feel, and to act. It's just amazing. Life is so beautiful, and I love being able to cherish the short time I have.


When Elissa begins to ask questions herself, hopefully my own philosophy can help bolster her own. :)

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Well I would like to write something for Wolfess (since she cannot always form proper thoughts by herself, especially in a foreign language). So like in Skye's post, it will be me - decoding and transcribing her "words".


As far as I know, animals do not ask the same question and instead work off of the instinct to live.


{Your knowledge is right. Animals do not aks metaphysical questions, because they don't need to. They don't need to think and to be sentinent, to know that they want to live. That knowledge is written in their bones, flows with blood in their veins, is shown in every step, every swift move, every action in which they're struggling to survive. That's why I consider myself to be lucky in a way. Because I can see, how beautiful and amazing thing is "to live", and to know that you are living indeed. However, it is more than certain to me, that any creature in this world would do everything to keep its life, thus also take that life from another. I don't feel regret for the ones I've killed, but I am sad about all those lost lives, even when they [those animals] were not able to realize what they've lost.

I know it is probably a babble for you, but Winters' post moved me deep inside, and I wanted to express my feelings.

Thank you to everyone and anyone who've read this.}

Currently there are three of us here. I write in plain white.

Prince, which is I, write in light blue.

Wolfess, although I not think she would want to, can write {in such a brackets}



Our blog~*~


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