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day 42

Yesterday, we started trying possession. I lied down in bed, tried to relax as much as I could, and told Yuki to get inside my skin and try to move my index fingers. At first I felt a strange numbness and minute movements in my hands, and over the course of an hour or two that progressed to her being able to slowly open and close my hands (~20 seconds). Maybe we'll be able to play osu soon!


Besides that, we're trying for audio imposition. Yuki repeats a sentence over and over again while I try my hardest to actually hear it. The only thing I noticed so far is that I have tinnitus. ;_;

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Guest Anonymous

day 245 (113 for Sen)

It's been longer than a while since anyone updated this. Let me copy paste an entry Dutch made on tulpanetwork.com, it's kind of a summary what happened to us in the last few months.


Let's start with where I am right now. I have two tulpas, Yuki and Sen. Yuki is extroverted enough to go out and talk to people a lot, Sen keeps to herself more and hangs out with me. Yuki is seven months old (Jan 7 2014) and Sen is three months old (May 19). My progress has always been rather fast, but I attribute that to spending nearly all my time with those girls. At this time, both can possess, and I'm working towards switching.


Alright, so in January I started on Yuki, she became vocal rather quickly, and we spent a shitton of time together. For some reason, my process always stagnates for a while until I take drugs. Shrooms taught her full body possession and got me closer to dissociation than ever another time. Ecstacy gave my auditory hallucinations. Weed gives me better taste imposition and immersion. I don't do any of those regularly anymore, anyway, but for some reason, they always helped me progress and focus. But drugs are bad, yes, don't do them.


Life with Yuki was fun. At some point in May, I did ~meta~ experiments where I tried to reach out to another guy's tulpa. Results were inconclusive, but I noticed that it was fun to have another person around, even if it was for pretendsies. I started on Sen soon after. Her progress has been kind of like an accelerated version of Yuki's, and they're pretty much at the same level now, even though Yuki is the only one who bothers with the computer.


Yuki spends all fucking day chatting to her online friends if she can help it, so I want to give her the freedom to do that in private when she wants to, and to also not be bored out of my mind while she does that. So my next goal is switching. My wonderland immersion and visualizing are reasonable, but I have trouble focusing, as well as letting go of the body. I snap back to attention at the littlest movement or outside sensation. It's annoying. I guess that stuff comes with time. Advice on this, or any thoughts about switching are welcome, yes.


I also have minor doubt issues I should keep working on. Nothing too bad, but I sometimes lose focus during forcing because of doubty trains of thought. Lately my girls have been surprising me a lot, a good example being them building wonderland stuff without me, and their emotions and thoughts have been rather detached from mine. That has been helping with the doubts.


That post was from a month ago. Since then, our doubts have been getting less. We've been using Eye-Bo in our forcing sessions with success, we've been progressing at a steady pace, and it seems that we're getting closer and closer to switching successfully. I am now eight months old, and experienced all kinds of stuff in the last few months. I've been possessing a lot, met and lost friends, got into an abusive relationship, got out of it and picked up my life again. I'm studying Japanese in my own time, and want to work on becoming a better writer besides that. Sen has been trying to find out what she wants to do with her time, and has been having fun playing Counter Strike lately, as well as learning to play the bass guitar. As a group, we're working towards getting into medical school and becoming a doctor.


In our forcing sessions, we use Eye-Bo regularly, and we'd recommend it for people who have focus issues, and think everyone should try it out at least. Here's a link to the page where you can download the program. We also use a belief implant method by Chris Walton, which seems to have interesting effects on us, but nothing too conclusive yet. I suppose I'll update this again as we get closer to a switch.

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