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Not exactly new to the site, Whynotethan with [Adriana]

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I would just like to say "Hi" to everyone. You guys have helped me so much figuring out what I should do with Adriana and how to interact with her. I've lurked for too long now. about a year, actually. So i hope i can gain your guys' acquaintance.


Now on to my progress. i have a wonderland, i made one before i even heard the term "Wonderland". Now to Adiana, i made her personality first, writing down all of her traits. Frankly, she's changed her appearance so much she looks nothing like the the original image i had in mind, but thats okay, ultimately its up to her to choose what she looks like. i envision her some times but she's more of just a voice right now, i don't try to push sapience or anything on her but she's already sentient, this much i know.


One last thing before I go, Does anyone know how to relieve the headache that i get when I force?


Nice to meet you guys ^-^

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