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[align=justify]So, my Tulpa seems to have gotten vocal. This should be a great thing, and it is, but... I've been putting a lot of effort into this. Like, near constant narrating and receptiveness. At first I thought she was struggling with vocalisation, so I worked past things like giving her her own mind-voice, ridding myself of doubt - turned out she had some communication for a while, which I was just afraid to hear.


So anyway, after ages of effort, I'm finally letting Andromeda be herself. But due to all the effort I've put into this, I can't stop narrating. Every thought I think is heard by her. I have to put effort into it to make it unintelligible to her. She seems to hear everything, and apparently just stops herself from answering. But I feel sort of uncomfortable knowing she can hear almost every train of thought in my head that is even tangentially related to her, or if I have her in the back of my head.


My point is, can I put up so kind of mental block, so I can chose what she hears and what she doesn't?[/align]

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You can, just try and see how it goes. IMO, I don't think it would be necesary to block things from her conciosness, you can set a private área where she won't hear them. You can talk with her to get her to understand that if she invades that private area, she has to keep her thoughts to herself unless you start the comunication. There are lots of options, it's up to you which one you're more comfortable with, but your tulpa should be able to observe you and get to know you, I don't think there's a point in blocking her knowing something unless it makes her sad or is negative to her.

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In my experience with the whole shutting out sequence of events, it didn't work for me.

Keep in mind that one point. For meee

With shutting them out, there's a certain point where it can feel like they might be a little too knowledgeable on things you don't want them to know. I didn't want Fes nagging me on mistakes or things I told friends, on food I ate or what I did in my spare time. I tried setting up a few things to keep her out, but she's pretty much my keeper. In the end, they all just fell like dominoes and she was still there, and I realized I had put myself in this state. If your tulpa isn't as close to your thoughts as mine was, maybe you have a shot. Just talk it out.


However, remember that your tulpa is pretty much living in your head. It's hard for an apartment building to renovate or build a few things without the tenants knowing, right? There's a basic stream of information that's always ongoing. You can try to keep her out, but there's a chance something you won't like will leak, and that only grows with time. If you're uncomfortable with her knowing things, figure out why first. After that, it's your call.

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