From ideation to completion...

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Talk to her about it, as much as you can. I know you said she's beginning to speak, so she might not be completely vocal at this point, but talk to her as much as you can, even if she has to answer in head pressures or emotional responses or something.


Ask what names and forms she likes, and what she likes about them. Maybe it's neither cheetah or fox, but some combination of the two. Maybe she wants something else entirely -- some unknown mammalian quadruped that doesn't exist in nature.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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I can't say much because I have a splitting headache at the moment, but this is the only time I have for now so I'll push through.


I've been talking to Kyrja lately about finalizing her physical body and name, and we're trying to find what truly fits her. She showed me via a fleeting thought what her body should be like. It's strange from what I saw. I'd have to make a rough picture to convey it to you. As for names, no dice.


She does, however, speak through random thoughts in different voices depending on what is most soothing to hear in my current mood. Maybe I need to find a set voice for her too.


The headache is getting worse. I'll try to post again tomorrow with progress, I hope.

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