Megan and Aki

The not-as-easy-as-I-thought-it-would-be Creation of Aki

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Hello everyone, I'm a newbie Megan and my Tulpa, Aki, is in the beginning stages of being created (not like you needed our names or anything i mean it is my username). For whatever reason I had it in my head that creating a Tulpa would be easy, don't ask why my friend had explained it to me and I still thought it would be easy. Well as I have learned over the past 6 days creating a Tulpa is not easy and results in the most glorious things such as headaches, don't we all love the headaches folks. I had done my research and everything, making sure I knew exactly what to do so I didn't mess my Tulpa up too badly. I mean Aki has a bit of an attitude problem, but he's still sweet. I somewhat expected it to be as easy as giving it a name, a personality, and then talking to it, boy was I ever wrong.

I had started just before going to sleep, working on his features and narrating his personality a bit just for kicks. I even went as far a designing the wonderland for the both of us so he wouldn't have to do so much work. The next day I tried Tulpa forcing for about an hour and wound up exhausted with a giant headache, but I had come a long way. I had successfully drawn him, wrote down his traits, and came up with some of the sensory details I had read about in a guide. Day 2 he was responding to everything with a yes or not responding at all, but I saw him running around the wonderland before I went to sleep again. Day 3 he talked to me a little bit during the day, a little chat here and there nothing much. By night time though I was narrating a manga I was reading to him and looking for some new ones when he started complaining about the genre and we got into an argument about yaoi and yuri (don't ask different story for a different time). By day 4 I had realized that he had some of the personality traits I had given him (shy, responsible,independent, intelligent) , but had many I didn't give him ( i.e. his tsundere attitude and how caring and helpful he is). I told my friends about everything and my friends Tulpa, Shiro, was switched at the time and overjoyed with Aki, while Aki kept saying ridiculous things because he is ridiculous. Today (technically I still have 20 mins to day six... technically) He was just as active, talking and everything. We tried dissociation and parallel processing because we saw some guides and thought it would be a good idea, but he got really quiet after I went in our wonderland for a bit.

Now he has been totally quiet for a couple hours, and while I'm somewhat worried, I had read it was normal when Tulpae are developing and it calmed me down a bit. I'm still worrying that I'm parroting or puppeting him in some way, but it's only been six days and I've seen people still have that feeling for six months. Hopefully I'll be updating frequently with the new events that occur and everything. If you have any comments or suggestions they are more than welcome, I'm still pretty worried about messing up and any advice is helpful advice. If anyone has any stories or questions they are welcome as well ^-^. I look forward to talking with everyone and thank you.

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Guest Anonymous

Mind sharing his picture since you drew it? (Or is it your avatar?)


Also don't get worried about him being quiet for a few hours, that's normal and a ridiculously short time frame (ask Lea who hasn't said a word in a year):P

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You're one of the forcers that got her p's and q's out of the way in the beginning and tried to cover all the bases, and that's respectable. Like dreamy said, tulpae go quiet a lot, and sometimes all it takes is a simple nudge in the right directions. Do whatever it is that makes you feel like this was worthwhile.


And yes, I've got tons of stories. We all have some stories that don't leave the forum, and some that don't leave our lips.

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