Self-Imposed Insanity.

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Let's get some things straight. I am a schizoid introvert with no friends and no life. I would like to have some friends, though, as being alone is mildly annoying. So I figured "why not make a tulpa?" And then I decided to make this very thread.I have basically no experience with this stuff though, so I thought I might keep it simple. Instead of just making a tulpa straight off, I'm going to make a little cube thing. It won't talk. It won't be sentient. And it will be a perfect segway into how do I plan on doing this? Very simply, thats how. I make a cube with my mind, impose it, and then disregard it because its a stupid worthless cube that needs to be thrown into a fire. If you were wondering, it will be a servitor. And yes, I might be a little angry right now, but I don't care, so why should you? Since this is just a cube thing, I will be as angry and forceful as I want with it. Of course when I make a tulpa I'll be nicer. But I'm not in the mood right now. As I right this, it's 5:30 AM, and yes, I haven't slept in about 72 hours. But you know what? I don't care. Enough stalling. Let's start.


I'm going to start by visualizing a grey cube (amazing right?)


I'm not going to narrate or anything, because its a cube. I don't want to narrate to a cube


If you're wondering, I'm not doing this in a wonderland. A puny cube doesn't deserve the comfort of my wonderland. It deserves to be cold and suffering.



It takes an all the sanity in the world to become insane.

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Well, I would have updated last night BUT THE WEBSITE WAS DOWN. So, I'll have to put both updates into this one. Its not a very large update though. Because you wanna know what I did the first night? Nothing. I was too lazy. The second night guess what I did. I STARED AT AN IMAGINARY CUBE FOR AN HOUR. What did you expect, I'm insane. It wasnt that bad though, and throughout the day, I visualized it on my desk or my bed. It looks like this:


A problem I have had is the varying size of the cube. When I visualize it onto the world, It always changes shapes and whatnot. I want it about 2x2x2 inches, but my brain just doesnt even. This happens a lot where Im trying to think of one thing but it changes in my head and death to all. I have made progress though, and we will arive at Normandy shortly, storm the Germans, and liberate the Jews. That is all.

It takes an all the sanity in the world to become insane.

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