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Frost's progression

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So. A ton of stuff has happened in the past... wow, 9 months? It's been a while.


So Shay and Hope have been through a lot of development, with Shay emerging as a serene, thoughtful girl, while Hope has become very sensitive and loving, also falling into a romantic relationship with Physik.


Along the way I created four more... headmates. I hesitate to call them tulpas because they sort-of-kind-of popped into existence without even asking me first. Those were weird moments.


Anyway, Sai... came to be on December 24, 2014 just a few hours before Christmas. He's a playful, almost childish Ninetales, and he's good at cheering the rest of us up with his infectious optimism.


Xeian the Floatzel, a true tulpa, came after, attaining sentience on April 6, 2015 once I finished building his personality. He's a thoughtful, intellectual Pokemon with quite the vocabulary.


Leaf (an anthropomorphic nine-tailed kitsune) just... happened last week, July 9, 2015. That was one of the weirdest moments of my life, since no sooner did he appear than he started fronting, confused out of his mind why he was in a human body or really why he existed at all. This lasted a few hours since he refused to stop fronting, thinking that would kill him. Luckily with the help of some friends we managed to explain the situation, and now he's turned to introspection to better understand himself.


Finally, Latias also happened a few days ago (July 14). She's a Latias, and a good friend. That's all so far. My headmates have a tendency to gain sentience first and a complex personality second, so Latias and Leaf especially have a lot of self-discovery to do.


I started posting again because with how important my tulpas have become to me recently, I decided to return to this like-minded community and hopefully make some friends. Hope to see you all around!


Physik (Anthro fennec, 4 years old) - Summer (Anthro two-tailed fox, 2 years old) - Shay (Anthro Shaymin, 11 months old) - Hope (Anthro Mega Absol, 11 months old) - Sai (Ninetales, 7 months old) - Xeian (Floatzel, 3 months old) - Leaf (Anthro kitsune, very young) - Latias (Latias, very young)

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