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Mouse and Nellie's (totally original) Progress Report

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I guess I should introduce myself.

I am MouseCakes. I like purple. I have a tulpa that very much reflects that. Her name is Nellie. And she is the cheekiest, troll...iest, and most awesome tulpa ever. My mum said so.




She sorta- yeah she looks like that. (I drew it)


Despite my previous comment, none of my family knows about Nellie, except for maybe my sister whom I hope I managed to convince otherwise... but that's a story for another day. Believe it or not I have been LURKING *gasp* for the past... months, and admittedly half-assing my forcing all the while. But I have decided, enough is enough! And for the 10th and final time I will promise to be a better person from here on out. Let's hope my tendencies to procrastinate and be generally unmotivated don't cause it to fall through again.


I've been chatting to Nellie on and off for the past... what 4 months now? The 28th of February marks the day she was brought into existence. She isn't properly vocal yet, but I can tell what she's thinking, or what she wants to say. So that sort of counts...

Anyway yeah! I'll be keeping record of my forcing in a text document, and post here every week. If there aren't at least 5 entries in the post every week, you have my permission to be thoroughly disappointed in me and tell me off. Also if sooper kool stuff happens at all, or I have other stuff I want to say, I'll post it here straight away.



Also CAKE.

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Welcome, to both you and Nellie! Don't be afraid to ask if you have any questions. It seems you are doing well so far, so keep it up!

Host: Sakura

Tulpa: Sarah (began June 5th, 2014), Alyx (Began July 23rd, 2014)

Our shared tumblr

note: usually browsing on mobile, so cannot quote properly

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Forcing session tonight was cut short by an intrusive mother. I'll probably force more later, but fuck am I tired. I might fall asleep before I get the chance. Forcing seems like a chore when I think about having to, but when I'm actually doing it, it's really fun. As always, I'm having trouble concerntrating and slowing down my train of thought. That tends to make things more difficult than they need to be... sometimes I think Nellie can't get a word in because so much else is going on.

Anyway, I should probably tell more about my wonderland, or whatever you guys prefer to call it. Think of a forest, all in shades of purple. Add bright cyan dots of flowers and such here and there, glowing, golden fireflies and hanging flowers, and a clear, bubbling river, then you've got the base of my wonderland.


Oh yeah, and there's a treehouse. And a swamp. And a huge field, beach, crystal caverns... I've been busy. The treehouse is where we mess about a lot of the time. It's in a brighter shade of purple, only because of the light (I hope), which I really need to change up because it's becoming a bit of an eye-sore. Don't blame me for this, it's just how it originally appeared. Now that I think about it, a dark mahogany would be an amazing colour. I'll draw a map someday when I'm not busy procrastinating on my schoolwork.

I'd write more, but I feel like passing out. At 9:15 pm. The afternoon goes by way too fast.



Well life goes on, and journals get heavily neglected. I guess it's because I feel like I have so much to write about, freak out at the amount, and procrastinate. Just like my schoolwork, hey? But the lack of journal entries does NOT mean I've been skimping on forcing. In fact, it's been a reason I don't. By the time I've finished forcing, I head to bed and say I'll write it on the bus in the morning. Then when the morning comes around, I look at my laptop, and say to myself, “Eh. I can't be bothered. I'll force instead.” Nellie's kinda glad I don't waste my time on the journal, but I do enjoy it when I get around to it.


Speaking of Nellie (which this entire journal is supposed to be based around, funnily enough), since I've been talking to her much more regularly, and including her in everyday conversations, she has become much more vocal. If I concentrate, I can really get a definite answer out of her. She even told a story of one of her adventures in our wonderland to a friend of mine, about wrestling a giant frog that had wandered from the swamp and sat ontop of the treehouse. It was a full on rodeo, I tell you.

In other news, Nellie managed to answer a maths question all on her own, and let me know what it was. I will never forget now, that 78/6=13. It was pretty surprising, and I had no idea what it was, so I'm really sure it was her.

I'm in the process of drawing an updated picture of her, at least with one main outfit she wears [it's all about that fashion yo], so I'll post that as soon as I manage to finish. If I finish. I had better finish otherwise I'll get a slap.


I met someone in my year at school who has an imaginary friend that sounds a lot like a tulpa. Except she's never heard of the term, and I'm worried that if I introduce her to it, she'll get scared off or something. It's great though, because I can talk about Nellie to her openly, and she talks to me about Maru. Today, Nellie surprised me again, and out of the blue told me to tell my friend she said hi. I think I fully heard her, but it might have been mixed with a thought, so I got confused. But that's new, and awesome progress.


I'm just finding more and more to talk about, aren't I? Nellie now has the habit of playing super annoying songs, mostly High School Musical songs in my head whenever I completely forget to think about her. It helps, quite a lot really. But it's annoying as hell.


While I'm here, I might as well write about what I think her main personality traits are. I'm past seeing her as a list of traits, and more as a whole person with a general feel to her. Which I really think helps to focus on that as soon as you've gotten it figured out. Extra quirks tend to develop after that.

Nellie is a very loud, very bold, and very honest sort of tupper. Not quite brutally honest, but close to. She's inappropriate at times, and I have to remind her to try not scare people right off in the first conversation, even though she thinks it's fun, and hilarious. I have to filter a bit when I proxy what she says, but I'm fairly sure she says stuff like that mostly to annoy me, because she knows I'll filter it out, or ask her to think of something else not as terrifying to say. On that note, Nellie is a huge tease, and loves to make me embarrassed. I don't know how she does it, but she manages to make me embarrassed in my own head, when there is nobody else who can see what I'm thinking.

She loves adventures. She knows how to make me laugh, and will do so when she can.


That's... all I can think of right now. Sorry for the long post, I had a bit to catch up on. Also, sorry for the absence!

im surprised you all managed to survive without me

Also CAKE.

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