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MasterCyria's Journal

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Hello, everyone! This will be my progress journal for all tulpa related things.

About Me


I'm a 23-year-old college graduate (I graduated in December), and I currently work full-time. In the summers, I also work as an actor at a local ren faire. I practice magic & sorcery on and off again, so this progress journal may have some more metaphysical leanings as opposed to psychological. (Fair warning, if that offends you.)


I learned about Tulpas about a week ago after an article on them was posted in a Facebook group I'm a member of for a sorcery class I've taken. The article was rubbished, focused mostly on tulpa-pony-sex relationships, but I was curious as to the thinking behind the article, and I made my way to the Reddit. After reading a ton of material there, I made my way here, and I've read most things that I can get my hands on. After much thought, yesterday, I decided to embark on a mission to bring life to my own Tulpa.


Why A Tulpa?


I wish to bring life to a Tulpa for a few reasons. First and foremost is companionship. The tulpa/host relationship reminds me greatly of a connection between a guardian spirit and a sorcerer. It's a relationship that I've always been greatly interested in establishing, but I have never taken the time to truly do. With a tulpa's access either residing within the host, or being a part of the host itself, the process seems more personal with the Tulpa understanding the subconscious desires of the host, as opposed to the cryptic spirit. Besides pure companionship, I also greatly lack skills in visualization of the minds eye, and I would love to have a partner to work through the occult with.


Day 1


To begin our journey together, I first wanted to create a wonderland for her to reside in. My visualization skills are extremely lacking, in that using my minds eye I get super shadowy flashes of images, often devoid of color, and mostly impressions. I spent a fair amount of time attempting to develop a clearing in the woods for a little Japanese house/shrine, with a stone path leading up to it, and then mountains far away to the left of the house, and a beach and ocean to the right. I also created a portal near the house so that when I appear in the wonderland, that point is my anchor to appear and I have to traverse the wonderland without popping around by thought.


After the creation of the simple wonderland, I imagined a ball of silver light by me, and I proceeded to introduce myself to her, what my intentions are, what we would do together, etc. I told her that I would call her Lydia, as I seemed to be stuck on that name, and if she wished another name all she needed to do was to let me know. I picked up of the ball of light and carried it into the little japanese house, and then set it upon a bed. I began to create her form roughly as a 20s woman with red hair and brown eyes. I wasn't terribly specific, as I was basing her form off of this image: http://www.scenicreflections.com/files/Female%20Assassin%20Wallpaper__yvt2.jpg.


After visualizing her form, I proceeded to speak to her at points in the night, and I also gave her a little bell to chime, for if she attempted to speak to me and I wasn't hear here - so that if I heard a bell, I would know it was her.


Before bed that night, I then gave her a little comms device that if I would speak to her, it would be the signal of the audio and visuals. That way, it wouldn't be disorienting to hear me if I wasn't able to visualize myself well within the wonderland.


In an interesting twist of events, before I said goodnight to her, I told her that if she wished it, it may be easiest to contact me while I am dreaming, as I tend to be more aware of the spiritual when I am at rest. I awoke that night having swore I heard a female voice, and I knew it was Lydia. It then happened a second time, however, for the life of me I cannot remember what she said, and I apologized to her this morning.


On My To-Do


-Continue to speak with Lydia regularly. Sometimes visualizing myself within the wonderland, as best as I am able. Othertimes, putting the intent in my thoughts/feels towards her, so they -should- reach her. I find that a lot of magick has to do with intent.


-Because my visualization can be rough at times, and I am skipping the personality step (I want her to naturally develop), I will still practice the visualization. But I will also draw the wonderland, write a description of Lydia, and then draw her. I will dedicate a section of my altar to her as well. It is my current theory that a Tulpa uses our interaction as a form of offering to develop their form, and I believe that because she resides within me, I can then offer these to her and she will develop. I sincerely hope that when I can hear her more clearly, she can assist me on actual visualization so that my time in the wonderland isn't super jumpy.


Current Questions


-Because the wonderland is within the mind's eye, how is one able to tell the difference between changes that they're making to the wonderland, to what the Tulpa has changed?

-How does one know, if the Tulpa has movement within the wonderland, if it is of the Tulpa's accord or of the mind's accord?


Note: I am not terribly concerned about parroting and puppeting at the current time, as I am under the current thought that there is an impression of if the movement/changes are something that you planned or not. But because I cannot visualize well, even having done some exercises, I believe I will have to rely on impression and direct thought more so.

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Welcome! Sounds like a great start. Your wonderland sounds serene and lovely, by the way.


As for telling what your tulpa has changed... you kind of just know. Something will be there that you didn't intend to have there. That's the best explanation I can give.


In my case, I had created a house inside of a giant tree to be Sarah's home. The next day when I went into the wonderland there was another building across a clearing from the tree. It was a large, modern house where the walls and ceiling were almost all transparent. It was certainly not something I would have thought up. Sarah was standing in front of it, smiling proudly. Somehow I just knew she had created it.


I'm not sure if it will feel the same to you, but it just felt like she had done it, and knowing she had done it strengthened my belief in her sentience and brought us closer together.

Host: Sakura

Tulpa: Sarah (began June 5th, 2014), Alyx (Began July 23rd, 2014)

Our shared tumblr

note: usually browsing on mobile, so cannot quote properly

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