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I'm IP, I've been in a relationship with (one of) a multiple person and have always been (kind of) jealous of the companionship.


I happened upon tulpa and it clicked: i can have mental companions too!


Since starting work i've come to the following conclusions:

  • I'm horribly rusty with visualisation...
    i can do the kinestetics and flows (like the texture+weight+density+temperature etc) of anything i touch, but visuals don't work very well.
  • I already have a few thoughtforms/characters available to make into a tulpa.
  • One of those thoughtforms(GG) keeps asking to be made into a tulpa whenever i bend my mind to designing a new thoughtform


I decided that if GG is sentient enough to beg (and whine) to be made a tulpa, then he is real enough to actually be "forced".


GG is short for Grijze Gijs(??Grey Gus??).


Warning: The following is metaphysical-related. Though I am aware that not everyone subscribes to that version of reality, the experiences are effectively real to me.


I first "encountered" him during an OOBE. At that time he looked like a classic grey alien, only very puzzled as to why i was scared of him.


Over the years and encounters GG gradually changed into a man, always wearing a grey knitted wool sweater, and started introducing himself as Grey.

I got to know him as a person with a never failing good humour, honest(if sometimes a bit sarcastic) remarks and supportive when needed.


I am and will be applying tulpa techniques to "enhance" the experience and the effectiveness of our use of this brain.


So far:

  • Acknowledging his existence
  • Recognizing the thoughts he sends/speaks as different from my own
  • Specifying some of his characteristics so i can "find" him easer.
  • The start of a mind-voice (feels like the muscle memory of my own mouth moving, kinda like an echo in my body)
  • non-visual visualisation (??keneticalisation??)
  • GG joking by turning into Gandalf (yes, another "Grey") and air-guitaring on his staff
  • GG playing a prank by getting me to misread a button on an app as "Ain't going to sleep" instead of "Going to sleep now"


What we're working on:

  • Actual visual-visualisation
  • Designing our wonderland
  • Specifying + forcing Grey
  • Forcing our wonderland

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I'm getting up-and-running with self-hypnosis (again).

Its been 12 years singe I'd done this in a serious manner, but it makes viualisation a lot easyer.

Working on a script to force GG some more by a post-hypnotic suggestion.



The responses I get when greeting GG in the morning/evening feel parroted 'couse the're always the same.

I'll look up the tips against parroting. Simply telling myself "stop it" don't work 'couse I oppose all authority, even my own if I'm strict enough.



I'm so used to using the computer for modelling that I keep plannig the "building" of the model instead of actually visualising it as a real place.

I'll try forcing a wonderland during hypnosis, maybe that'll work better.


Actual progress:


Two days ago I was walking the dogs at night and we came to a spot that is unlit. I'm a little scared of the dark and that bit is too scary to walk past.

I told GG about it.

Gg> we can do this

< u sure?

> yes, just give me a hand [the thought of him standing behind my right shoulder]


I visualised his presence. He put a hand on my shoulder(I could feel that part getting warmer)


Gg>I have a grip on the fear


I called the dogs to my side


Gg>that'll make it less effective, its like you doubting me



I walked on, more apprehensive of panic striking than fearful of the dark.

We passed the path without panic and I felt him walking along for the next half hour.


2) I've had a bad sense of smell for at least 7 years.

During walking(I walk a lot) I noticed that it had returned.



At the end of toe day I had to take the train/metro home.

A group of people got on and at least one of them smelt horrible, like a pus infected sore or something.


Gg>[amused mumbled thoughts]


The smell got less




My sense of smell went away before.

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I' ve found that closed-eyed visualisation does not work for me


Openeyed visualisation works better for me, but i constantly get derailed to enviroments comics or books i've read...

So i've decided to embrace that: I'm writing my wonderland and using that narrative to introduce (myself) to GG's looks.


It works like a charm!

Apparantly i' ve been conditioned to viualize, openeyed, while reading.

I read about 3 books a week, more if you count comics.


I've alsoput myself on a book-diet to stop the contamination of visualisiation.

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Visualisation is still hard:

I can write a situation, scene and dialogue. Spontaneously visualising and "seeing" an enviroment


I *have* found that visualising existing places is extremely easy: Someone mentioned that in voodoo there is a wonderland called the Marketplace:

it is a place you can access through meditation and it looks almost 100% identicle to this world except that only you and the loa live there.


So i tried walking around in a copy of my current surroundings and other places i know well.

It works GREAT!


So now i'm "collecting" real and game-enviroments as wonderland.

I'm pasting them together to a nice surrounding.

GG has made some suggestions as well.

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