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The Differences Between Us and Tulpae



It is often thought that a tulpa and the host are vastly different. There have been many things in the past few weeks that made me think even more than before that the difference between our consciousness and theirs is effectively nonexistent.


It is true that tulpae are created, but many don't realize that we are probably created by the same process. Think about it. Your parents have talked to you and interacted with you like we would with a tulpa, but we also do more with a tulpa. By being created in a body that is already occupied by one consciousness, tulpae have more ways to interact and communicate with us. You could argue that they develop much faster than a child would and the reason for that is simple: they already have your experiences to learn from and you communicate with them in a very direct and connected manner in the brain you share, which likely makes communication at early stages easier.


Another frequently mentioned thing that supposedly proves we are different is that tulpae are able to think faster, interact with the subconscious, and more. They are able to think faster because they have better environment for thinking - they can have total silence and can ignore the senses that would be otherwise distracting them from thinking. The ability to interact with subc, recall memories that you forgot, wake you up at certain times, etc. can be achieved without a tulpa, although it can be harder for us. So there is no reason to think this makes them different.


Another thing is that tulpae are not as fluent at controlling the body as we are, and need to time to learn it. This is partly because they have to learn it like a baby does: through trial and error. Although they have your experience to learn from, they aren't used to controlling it - unlike you, who spent most of your life wiggling your limbs and all that. So, naturally they have will have some problems, especially if they aren't bipedal in their form.


Also some would say that tulpae require form to exist. They have a form different from the body and some don't have any form at all. There are many tulpae that started without any form at all and were able to speak at that time as well, so I think it's safe to say they don't require one. They have a form different from the body, because they aren't bound by the body in this way. You certainly do have a form as well when you are in mindscape or in a void talking to your tulpa. By default this form will probably look like your body, but it doesn't have to. It can be any form, e.g. human, humanoid, animal etc.


There is an interesting thing we learned thanks to switching. When a host and a tulpa switch, the tulpa assumes control over the body and it feels like theirs, in the sense that they feel like they naturally know how to control it and that it is theirs. And the host can sense the mindscape as vividly as you could sense reality even if their imagination isn't able to make them see it as vivid while they are in the body, the host also feels like a tulpa and can change his form and the way it feels with it. There are probably more ways they change when they switch, but we haven't tested switching enough to know everything about it yet.


There are many things that suggest tulpae are very much like we are and almost nothing that would suggest otherwise. It's easily possible that I'm missing something, or we have yet to discover something, but for now it's safe to say that there aren't any major differences between us.

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