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An apology to Within

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There’s something that’s been eating at me for a while now, and there’s something I really want to say.  Over six months ago, the community made a switch from Tulpa.im to Rizon.  During that transition, an announcement was made giving our various reasons for switching.  A segment of that announcement pertained to Xena, et al. and things got personal.  While we didn’t intend for it to happen, people got hurt and the result was a lot of unneeded stress on Xena’s system.


Xena and Quora especially, I’m sorry.  Emotions were high and things could have been worded better.  I’m sorry if our comments came off as slander, it wasn’t our intention, but that doesn’t excuse that you were hurt, and for that, I formally, officially, and publicly, apologize.  Thank you for your hard work over the years; you’ve done a lot for the community, and thank you for volunteering your time to .im while we used it.

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