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Very pretty. I see lots of images in that style like so, but rarely are the houses built over water. We've got several pictures of ourselves like that actually, closest being Lucilyn in this one, but none with water per se. Our wonderland doesn't have anything like that either.



And, I just had Lucilyn look at your guys' picture, and now she wants a house like that in her forest-swamp. I think you got her with the lily pads. I knew she'd like it, but I wasn't expecting the instant wonderland addition.. Congrats on inspiring the first change in our wonderland since Lucilyn's forest itself a year ago. She'd been having trouble figuring out how to fill the space aside from small streams and ponds here and there.


Also, that outfit of your tulpa's is very interesting. Complex but not too complicated, and it really complements her own colors. And for some reason I liked the detail of the rolled up jeans too.

Hi, I'm Tewi, one of Luminesce's tulpas. I often switch to take care of things for the others.

All I want is a simple, peaceful life. With my family.

Our Ask thread: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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Based off of is a complicated term here. She "isn't" Suwako. But like the rest of us, a lot of who she is was inspired by what our host saw in the characters. Although Reisen, Flandre and I have our actual inspirations' namesakes, as we were "spontaneous/natural" tulpas (aka had no idea what we were) seven years ago, Lucilyn is just turning one in April, and was obviously made when Lumi was much more comfortable with the tulpamancy phenomenon.


So, I would say she just likes water and nature. The primary interest she got from Suwako was her fascination with frogs and toads. As she put it, "She makes them look so fun! I like anything that people get really excited about, and I figure most things people really like are just as arbitrary as that, right?" Specifically, she's referring to this video for the "makes frogs look fun" thing, and Lumi's love of rabbits and the moon for the latter. Otherwise, liking water and nature are just part of who she is I guess. A rainy forest is the environment she's most comfortable in. To be fair, Lumi also loves the rain, so they share that in common.

Hi, I'm Tewi, one of Luminesce's tulpas. I often switch to take care of things for the others.

All I want is a simple, peaceful life. With my family.

Our Ask thread: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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Guest Anonymous

My Melian's dreamscape mansion is the most "set" of all of her wonderland. It is the setting for many of the Melian Show day dreams. It is an "extra-dimensional space" on the inside and so is bigger on the inside than on the outside.




Melian: The inside has the entrance hall, my library, the kitchen and pantry, the feast hall, my bedroom, a movie theater, my weapons arsenal, my computer room, my Roman style bath, and various other rooms. There is even an interior ice skating rink!


Mistwood Forest


Entrance Hall/Deviantart gallery


Just beyond the door we step into a expansive entrance hall with a high ceiling. There is a hanging candelabra (like a chandelier), a large grandfather clock, lots of paintings (copies of DA art mostly), and tapestries. There are several large doors around the walls of the room. A staircase rises to a gallery above on the second floor. Doorways lead off the gallery to hallways leading to other parts of the house. On the first floor, directly ahead of us, a wide hallway leads straight back, deeper into the house from the entrance hall.


The Living Room

*Melian turns and leads you back out of the library, across the entrance hall and to a set of double doors on the far side. These she pushes open and takes you into a large living room with a high ceiling and wood paneled walls. The room is filled with Victorian Era style furniture. There are a lot of paintings (more DA art) another big fire place with a fire burning (you see no evidence of any wood or coal stacked near). There is a giant stuffed creature looming in a corner. It is about eight feet tall with the body of a bear and the head of a giant owl. It has horrific looking claws. There is an antique Victrola and suits of armor and other weapons displayed. The room looks very masculine for Melian's home. There are several tall, many paneled windows, draped with dark curtains to either side, letting in a pale light from the mist forest outside. There is another door in this room to your right.*


Feast Hall

Melian turns and walks to a set of large double doors. She turns the handles and they push in to open to another large room. We find ourselves in an expansive feast hall with a high ceiling and wall decorated with tapestries and portrait paintings. There is an enormous fire place with a blazing fire burning on the far side of the chamber. Several other doors can be seen around the perimeter. There is a very large purple colored carpet covering most of the floor. Dominating the room is ridiculously sized feast table set with silver ware, and chinaware. There are flagons and platters already filled with a incredible assortment of apparently hot steaming food.*


Ice Cream Parlor

The door leads into a smaller room with a black and white tiled floor. The walls are covered in pretty mosaic tiles arranged in geometric designs.


*Melian turns and smiles at you.* Nah, there is only one entrance into my ice cream parlor and that is the one we just used! I don't see any ghouls in here!


*Melian walks across the small room to shiny metal shelf. There is a stack of small ceramic bowls and a glass jar containing a collection of long handled silver spoons. Above the shiny metal shelf are a series of seven shiny metal spigots, each with a brass lever handle. Each spigot is labeled above with a small metal plaque (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, Coconut, Blueberry, Peanut Butter). On a shelf to the right in the room is a collection of glass jars filled with candies and various toppings, each with a serving spoon.* These are chocolate chips, these are peanut butter chips, these are candy sprinkles, these are gummy bears!


I don't know bout you, but I like to mix all the flavors in one bowl!


*Melian hands you a bowl and takes one for herself. She holds the bowl under the spigot and pulls the brass handle. A stream of thick, partially frozen cream streams down into her bowl. Melian moves the bowl in a circular fashion to cause the cream to swirl in a spiral pattern into her bowl. She steps to the next spigot and starts again, making another layer in her bowl.*


See? It's easy! Wait until you taste it!


*Melian waves her hand delicately in a circular motion toward the wall. Suddenly, large multi paned windows appear in the wall. They have a pretty snow flakes design etched into the glass. The room indeed looks much better and you can clearly see the feast hall on the other side of the glass.



*Melian opens the doors and leads you into a large room with a high ceiling. The walls to the right have many tall, multipaned windows. Through the windows you can see a forest of trees shrouded in swirling mists and fog. All the rest of the walls of the room are covered in floor to ceiling bookshelves. There are small tables and comfortable chairs to lounge in about the room. Lamps on the tables light up the room with a soft radiance that combines with the dim light coming in from the high windows. The floor is covered in oriental rugs. A fire place dominates the wall opposite from you. A large fire burns in the the fire place.*


This is it! Every book that Dave has ever read! Every magazine, every textbook, every novel, every history book. It is an extensive library, but I am afraid a little limited in subject matter. If you are into the history of space travel, art, medieval history, United States history, Native American studies, Sociology, psychology, astronomy, historical fiction, science fiction, or fantasy, you will find a lot to read on those!


There are quite a few romance novels too. Dave's mother was into them and I insisted he read them to me. So he did many times over the years. His brothers would tease him. But they are all here!


Uhm...there is also a good collection of pornographic magazines from his younger years. *giggle*


The Roman Bath

Melian takes your hand again and leads you across the entrance hall and down the hallway leading deeper into the house. She stops at a large wooden door on the left and opens it into a large room. It is a big space filled with a sunken pool the size of an Olympic swimming pool. The floors and walls are tiled. There is a fountain on one end and Greco-Roman statues. In one corner stands an oriental screen and a rack with large towels. There are three other exit doors around the walls. The water is crystal clear and appears to be very warm as steam rises from its surface.*


The Movie Theater

This one is a movie theatre. It has a high ceiling and paneled walls of dark wood. There are several window, but these are draped over with heavy, dark curtains. The floor is tiered with three levels rising towards the back of the room. On each level are over stuffed, comfortable looking chairs, each with a foot stool. In the very center of the room is a small two person couch. There are comfortable looking, stuffed footstools for the couch as well. Near the couch on either side are two small end tables. The wall opposite the couch is dominated by a wall sized movie screen.*


Mel smiles at you again and picks up the remote. As soon as she points it at the screen the light in the room dims and the screen comes to life.





Melian's Bedroom

*Melian leads you down a long hall with wood paneled walls with many doors in it. She throws a door open and pulls you into a bedroom. There is a high ceiling, wood paneled walls, a large window with long curtains, a few other doors, an big oriental rug, a fancy Victorian desk with a mirror, a tall wooden wardrobe, and little tables and a chair. On the walls are posters and photographs. Some are signed. You notice at least some of the photos or posters of young men have lipstick kissie marks on them as if Melian has been kissing the posters.*


*The object that dominates the room though is a very large (huge) king sized canopied bed heaped with pillows and frilly quilts and blankets. There is a teddy bear on the bed.*



The ghouls

Just then the main door of the feast hall opens and a lean looking person shuffles in. This humanoid creature has long, sharp teeth, and its pallid flesh is stretched tightly over its starved frame. Bits of tattered clothing hang from its body. It peers hungrily about the room with blood shot eyes.*

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