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Ephemeral and Cecilia, ocasional report


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Ah, yeah, I'm doing that. I forgot to say it. As I already practiced lucid dreaming before coming here in the site, I was already used to use it to do things relationed to inner stuff. So, basically, first she enters in my body, as if I imposed her overlaping my body. Then, we associate each of our minds/ bodies/ consciency/ however with an energy /feeling / however, and I visualize/imagine mine going to the back of my head and getting smaller and weaker, and hers getting stronger and permeating all the body. Seems the most direct and obvious way to do it to me. 


When I said "more difficult part" I doesn't mean I was struggling with it, the truth is the sporadic sections were really sporadic (I don't know why but I really like this word... take a moment to realize how this word is cool  xD ). But from now on when we got a chance we will do it (since they may be not too frequent).

Cecilia is the only tulpa, is about my age (in form), changes it once in a while and just enjoys to see the circus catch fire :P

I go by Ephemeral because it's a nice word, but maybe just Ephe is shorter. A guy who likes doing math and programming and dreaming.

"You're not a drop in the ocean, but the entire ocean in a drop"--Rumi



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