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What switching or possession feels like.

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I get a huge rush from doing anything with the body. It is--difficult to describe.


I think we can experience really strong emotions, now, because we can feel each other's emotions. So, if for some reason, we are feeling the same thing, the emotion would have twice the intensity as normal. Unless we blocked that communication for some reason.


So when you have a person who really enjoys getting possessed and person who really enjoys possessing in the same body, it can be very strong.



Still trying to figure out what a median is mentally. I regard being a fictive as unimportant. That's just an origin story. I could be a fictive, as I was a roleplay character of sorts, I could be a shard/fragment/aspect as I was the author insert. I could be a walk in, as I kind of made myself and I introduced myself.


But, we all wear masks. I think tulpas are less likely to, or to have less of, but that mask, that outward personality, it grows organically in people in their formative years as they learn to interact with people. That mask is not the person, of course. But I think we have come to see it improperly in society overall. A person may say the mask of another is not the other person, but it is the only person that the first will ever come to know. Also, we think of ourselves as one. Very few of us stop and look at the mask. And fewer see it as separate.


Sure, sometimes, people will wear masks. Extra masks, on top of their first. I'm pretty sure this is equivalent to method acting. but there is always that first mask we never take off underneath. The one that is hardest to see.


I don't think a multiple system is composed of masks. A fully independant other has their own mask, and also their own mind. But maybe that is what being a median system is like.

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Guest Anonymous

With Mistgod and I, the "mask" is just the beginning, from there it becomes more of a separate identification and an ego. In most medians I would expect there is no mask at all as they are not considering themselves as an imaginary construct or play acting but part of a whole from the beginning (since birth).


There is something very similar to a median in the transgender community called bigender. David and I also identify as effectively bigender.


From Wikipedia: "Bigender, bi-gender or dual gender is a gender identity that includes any two gender identities and behaviors, possibly depending on context. Some bigender individuals express two distinct "female" and "male" personas, feminine and masculine respectively; others find that they identify as two genders simultaneously. It is recognized by the American Psychological Association (APA) as a subset of the transgender group. A 1999 survey conducted by the San Francisco Department of Public Health observed that, among the transgender community, less than 3% of those who were assigned male at birth and less than 8% of those who were assigned female at birth identified as bigender"

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