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Regarding the subject of a "tupla-only" board.

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This is something I wrote up awhile ago, when we were still discussing why a tulpa-only board would be hidden from people without vocal tulpae. The discussion has been coming up again recently, so I thought I would post what I said (slightly edited):


Though I'd need to tell you, if we had a board for tulpae, while the roleplaying problem would be present, there would be two major reasons why we wouldn't want anyone accessing it. First reason would be that if nobody knows it exists, and the members in there don't acknowledge the existence, we wouldn't have people trying to message us while faking a tulpa to get access (since technically it wouldn't exist). I understand that people may still fake it just a shot of a chance it might exist, but even then, it would be invite-only to our discretion, and nobody would get in without a screening session.


I know some have just said we could make it read only and continue to only screen people as they come in, but that would be impossible due to the second reason.


The second reason, and this the most important, would be to respect their (the tulpae's) privacy. Some of them are very self-conscious, and would be talking about personal issues that they don't want others (read as "non-tulpae") to know; the creators would agree (as a rule, and out of respect for their tulpae) not to mention what their tulpae would be talking about in there, or to even intervene in any possible topics; it would completely unmoderated and between themselves -- their own corner of the Internet. I wouldn't even be in there out of respect for their privacy, and I'm the admin!

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