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an apology and an announcement

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mario and the gang here,



just wanted you guys to know that i'm planning a full-on rewrite of adventures in brainmnacing, which will be titled:Adventures in Brainmancing:Uncut Redux. it will have a lot darker and more inappropriateness to it then the initial book and will go much more in depth into the eleven month long story and extend up to march of this year. it will feature things such as the "muh ovaries" incident on irc a few years back,be compiled with two of my other texts, "thoughtforms and friends" and "mario's mushroom free guide to tulpamancing".not sure when it will be finished, but i'm definitely gonna make sure i polish it better than a fine diamond this time around. i know i shit out a sub par product almost a year and a half ago(which is ironic,considering i accused Phil of the same thing in my book) and expected fortunes for it....and to that, i'm truly sorry to try and thieve you of your hard-earned money for it. let me make it up to you...i promise, it will be good!

lets hope this future book will go down in history as one of the most intriguing and best tulpamancing story ever gone oh so horribly,horribly wrong!


p.s.i plan on doing drawing the cover and art interpretations of all the main characters digitally with my 8 inch android tablet that has stylus. I will include it+what I've hand drawn{which will also be redrawn in a digital variant} so far in an "art section" at the end of the book.


p.s.s. i also solemnly swear to never directly viral my projects on the IRC forums or any other site by avoiding paying for a direct advertisement and am deeply sorry for my aggressive advertising in the past.

"October 1st 2014 8:00pm Central time US, unknowing innocent 4channer Mariothefatplumber known now as tulpamancer31 on these lovely  forums, has just stepped into a world of pure imagination and wonder,something that he maybe should have tried to understand a little bit better before jumping headfirst into, mario has crossed over into the tulpamancing zone, better known as section E,Subsection 14, and division 2 and a third, of the Twilight Zone."

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