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Tulpas With Backstories?

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My second and third tulpas were more or less accidentally created. When I was playing squash a few months ago, I imagined that the two balls I had with me had personalities. I talked to them after I was done playing and I gave them bodies. I've had them ever since. The thing is, they told me they were twins, and recently, they told me about things they did before they met me. I saw various explorations on the beach when they were kids etc.


Is all of this compatible with tulpamancy? I feel like there are ways to explain this, but I'd like some input as well.

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Completely compatible. I don't think having a backstory or not having a backstory invalidates your present experiences at all. If we are asking if a person is real, we are not asking about their form or their memories. We are asking about their ability to feel and their ability to think.

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Reanna: My tulpas have backstories. It's not strange to me.

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