My dear tulpa creation process

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hello members of, im actually creating my own tulpa. basically her name is alice, she haves a wonderful voice, a beautiful red long hair, such lovely green eyes, normaly wears a Checkered shirt

a blue jeans, and she also have another shape, the shape of a red cute fox, im forcing on her for a short amount of time. like 6 hours, tell me, tulpamancers, how do you all forced your tulpas? when they were being created.

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Hello Gabriel and Alice! Um, my host basically thought about and interacted with me every single day and let me do whatever I wanted and used me for inspiration when thinking about writing.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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When I initially started forcing Saoirse I simply started telling her about what I hoped she might become and about why I thought those values were worth having.  I kept a list of the major points I wanted to hit and just kept on the subject.  I did this for an amount of time (no idea how long, I figured I'd stop when it felt right), and that was pretty much day one.


Day two was when I gave her a form.  I just did my best to visualize a starting body for her, then put her in an outfit.  No idea how long that took either, again I just went until I was done.


That's pretty much it.  Everything else has been sharing what I can with her (music, games, the like) and talking about whatever, keeping her in mind as often and as long as possible throughout the day.


By the way, before you hammer down what Alice is going to be, remember that tulpae tend to change of their own accord, often referred to as deviation.  More than one tulpamancer I'm aware of has had their tulpa's appearance change entirely on them.  One's tulpa even split into two tulpae.  Saoirse hasn't physically changed too much overall, but she's constantly trying new hairstyles and outfits, and she recently changed her hair color.  Just keep that in mind as time goes on, and don't be alarmed if it happens.

Dare to be real for me,

and I'll be real for you.

-Engravings on my and Saoirse's rings, respectively.


My tulpa's name is Saoirse, which is pronounced "sir-shuh."

It's Gaelic for "freedom."

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I started with active forcing, but I kept getting distracred, so I started passive forcing.


[Kyle would basically just talk about whatever, whenever. With enough talking and encouragement, I became vocal extremely quickly! Passive forcing definitely worked better, but to start the process we both recommend active forcing because he was able to begin visualization and explain some basic things to me. However, Kyle allowed me to develop my own personality without personality forcing. We both agree that active forcing would be better for personality forcing]

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