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What's the deal with this board?



With new software, we thought it was worth setting up a new Q&A board with some information and an opportunity to ask any questions directly related to the new software.

The forum is very feature rich and we're only really touching the surface.  Everything is new, so if you have any trouble doing what you were able to accomplish in the old forums, or run into any technical difficulties / bugs, please post in here.  We'll do our best to point you towards the right way to do things.

Some notes, as per my comments in the announcement thread

On 1/1/2020 at 2:15 AM, Pleeb said:

Hey everyone!   We moved to the new forum!  There's two themes, this dark one then the default Invision Community theme.  Feel free to play around with the site; there's still lots of stuff to do, but here's some quick notes:

  • You'll need to re-link your accounts, but avatars and bios are moved.  We also have an "About Me" which isn't a bio
  • We don't have bbcode but I'm working on adding more options to the rich text editor (there's a lot of buttons to choose from, and I'll be getting them in the coming days)
  • Mybb had "Custom Titles", and the software basically imported those custom titles as "Ranks."  Consequently, some people have "custom ranks" and others are just ranked "Member".  I don't know what we're doing about that yet.
  • Badges for members/patrons/mods/etc haven't been added yet, we're still working on that.
  • Yes, I know there's a reputation / voting system.  No we aren't going to keep it unless you really really want us to.
  • You'll notice a "topic feed" on the main page that includes threads posted in the topical (tulpa-related) boards.  If I can pull off making it pretty, I'm hoping to get calendar entries and such there too, with upcoming community events (which will be a thing in 2020!)
  • I'm going to have a read-only (and only visible when signed in) copy of the site on https://old.tulpa.info/ if you find something missing or want  to get back to it, but it's not ready yet so stay tuned.

If you have any questions, I can do my best to answer them.

Happy new year!

EDIT: Reputation and post reactions are actually disabled now (sorry if you wanted to "Like" my post!)



Please feel free to create a separate thread for each question / comment.  This will make it easier to track and address everything and easier for people who have similar questions to find it.


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