Nightmare while forcing?? Help?

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Hi, I need some help.


A few minutes ago I was laying down in my bed having a one-sided conversation with my forming tulpa, Teeka. In my mind, we were in a place where the sun was constantly set and we literally walked on clouds. She was just sitting there, listening to me talk, and then suddenly the world seemed to start spinning and the image changed completely. I found her on the floor of the new place, and I helped her up, and then suddenly a sinister feeling came over me and I jolted up and started having a panic attack. I don't understand what this means. Am I doing something wrong? Was Teeka trying to keep me awake, or send her feelings to me? Because the feeling I felt was complete fright and anxiety, and I know it wasn't my own. Does that mean it was hers? I was completely fine until I asked her how she was, but that was when everything started spinning. Can anyone help, please? Has anyone experienced anything like this before?




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It could have been just an intrusive thought, it doesn't really mean you're doing anything wrong. Maybe you were too close to falling asleep and that caused it? (since you said you were lying down...). Visualizing a scene and then the whole thing changing because your mind started to wander isn't too uncommon, and it can startle you too. We've experienced similar things without doing anything tulpamancy related so it's probably not caused by it.

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Most of us has probably been there. The best advice I can think of is to just refresh your mind. You can be assured that all negative emotions are most likely just anxiety or something similar. It won't affect your tulpa forcing but it can be stressful. I bet she can assure you that she loves you unconditionally and you do that too.


Also, what you're talking about is commonly known as 'intrusive thoughts' and there are many topics about it here

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Agreed with the others, seems like an powerful intrusive thought, or rather: a nightmare. It's generally a good idea not to lay down in the bed while tulpaforcing so you don't fall asleep without noticing. Happened to me quite a few times.

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