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Need to disable plugins for a short amount of time

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I posted this in the discord, but also posting it here.  To perform some troubleshooting with Invision Community on a bug, we need to disable all of the plugins and themes for a short amount of time (ideally, less than 2 days).  Here are the plugins that we are using:

  • Welcome PMs
  • Contact Us
  • Linked Accounts
  • Post Numbers
  • Antispam

We'll also end up with the default Invision Community theme, but I'll set everyone back to the dark theme when I restore the plugins.


I'll try to do this at a time that isn't too disruptive, and in the next couple of days.


Thank you for your understanding.



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Rebuilding the search index for tulpa.info.  This may take a little bit, and searching may not work as expected until it's finished.

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