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Progress Reports are for documenting your experiences, and believe it or not the Questions & Answers board is for asking questions! You can ask questions in your PR and they might get answered but that really boils down to luck, a lot of people like our system who're here to help people don't have time to read the TONS of progress report posts, that would like quintuple the amount of time we have to spend on the forum every day (the forum games are just for entertainment or chatting, if people spent the time they spent in forum games elsewhere it probably wouldn't be on Tulpa.info because that's like saying if you didn't have (game you've been playing recently) you would've been doing homework instead - like no probably you would've just found a different game or watched youtube or something)


On 7/5/2020 at 10:42 AM, Slappyplappy said:

Any ideas of what this all was?


Sounds like an altered state of consciousness, most likely one between sleeping and waking since that's the most common place to get super easy and vivid visualization, probably induced by the isochronic tones if this doesn't ever happen to you normally. But I don't think we (or basically anyone) know exactly how isochronic tones/binaural beats work or how they do/don't affect anyone - for us for example, no tones or binaural beats ever did literally anything for us despite trying all sorts of different ones (to help with lucid dreaming or reaching states like yours) over the years


On 7/25/2020 at 4:53 AM, Slappyplappy said:

To address the thing earlier, the same orb was in front of me again and giving emotional responses. I guess I've started making another tulpa as well and didn't mean to. Is this normal?


stuff in the mind is pretty ephemeral and can mean as little or as much as you want (and WILL mean as little or as much as you believe it does), you don't have to have "started making another tulpa" if you just don't follow that path. Tulpas don't just instantly exist, maybe thoughts that can optionally be turned into one over time might show up randomly, but it takes a lot of time and effort to establish an actual tulpa in your mind. And yes, that is very normal lol, just remember "Tulpamancy" is just a custom-drawn map and guide for experiences that you can have and how a huge community has figured out things work best/the most often, but it is NOT a set of rules of reality and "Tulpas" are not a strict biological thing that just exists - tulpas, imaginary friends, roleplay personas, "living characters" from writing novels and stuff (Tulpas being "apparently-autonomous, independent people in your head" by the community's definition), and many more things are all just stuff the brain can do and things people have given names to, but the brain doesn't differentiate these things on a biological level - it's VERY shaped by your beliefs/ways of thinking about the experiences, since how you think about/experience things in your mind is all in your mind and has no physical reality to base things on, if that makes sense. That's the main useful thing about "Tulpamancy" is that it's a whooole system that's been worked out over a decade or so to guide experiences that otherwise would be totally willy-nilly


On 7/25/2020 at 4:53 AM, Slappyplappy said:

Also, do fede tones (eye-bo) give you beyond shitty headaches? I listened to the theta constant and oh man that was the worst three days ever. I read it was supposed to help with visualization and meditation, but damn the afterward sucks.


we have literally no idea how/if Fede's tones work (I'm not even 100% sure he did, and that he wasn't just playing random tones and hoping they did something), but I think it's pretty possible for isochronic tones/binaural beats/similar things to give you a headache lol, especially if someone tries to do some fancy "totally wacky Isochronic tones that I specifically 'designed' to make you better at Fortnite" thing that they fully don't understand instead of the normal sticking to known hz tones or something...


like I said we don't really know how tones and beats work and I'm not sure pretty much anyone does, but I'm very skeptical of a random guy who claims his tones do something specific, because that would normally take rigorous scientific studies in professional environments to really figure out


General rule of thumb for beats and tones is to try stuff out and see what effects they have, and use what works for you. 'n maybe don't give in to mystical/fantastical thoughts about them, at best they can trick your brain into being closer or further from sleeping states (which, if you manage to do that unnaturally, could lead to ~sleeping state brainwaves while still pretty much being awake, as seemingly happened to you)



But yeah, honestly the forum is just not active enough (although more activity would = more progress reports anyways) for enough people to keep up with every PR, and for people who do to feel comfortable/able to answer the questions they have, if you have specific questions (and I know it kinda sucks that the questions are tied directly to your experiences, so maybe-) try asking them standalone in Questions & Answers (or General Discussion if you just want thoughts/input but not necessarily "an answer") and linking to your posts in your PR for necessary context (or you can quote your posts directly in the threads if they're not too big), because way more people watch the Q&A/GD boards than individual progress reports

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r/tulpas would also be a way to get questions answered, they're pretty active too.


Anything 'vivid visualization' to us is related to hypnagogic, though we have no real clue. Sometimes Bear's just, "um... why is everything so damn good all of a sudden? Let's do something!"


Tbh, our normal visualization is getting ridiculously close to reality anyway.


We're back, so we try to get to everything in general. This forum can get pretty slow.

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