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Trouble with wonderland visualization style, any advice welcome.

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Hello! I've been researching into tulpamancy for over a year now and I actively started about 2 weeks ago. I was passive forcing at first, but now I want to start really training my active forcing skills in terms of fully immersing myself in a wonderland. But as the title says, I'm having some difficulty, especially with my wonderland.


The thing is that I consider myself to be quite the good artist so I know exactly how my tulpa and wonderland looks from every which way, but it feels as if my "mind's eye" is somewhat biased towards art over reality. What I mean by that is it's easy for me to do open-eye visualization, like I can imagine my tulpa and wonderland in a realistic fashion, but as soon as I close my eyes and "active" force, my tulpa and wonderland become stylized. 


It's difficult to imagine my wonderland in a realistic manner. I did some sleuthing around for answers but ultimately couldn't find a guide that helped much. When I do closed-eye visualization, I have the least trouble when I'm in the third person and my wonderland and tulpa are in a painterly style, namely the art style of Studio Ghibli's movies. Is it okay to have less realistic wonderlands in this manner? Is this unhealthy towards the development of a non-stylized tulpa (which ultimately is the goal)? Should I really try to strain myself to make a more realistic wonderland?


Thank you guys so much for your help in advance, and if there's anything that needs clarifying, please let me know!

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Oh please, I've seen someone with aphantasia make a tulpa lol. You're totally fine. Whether fully realistic, anime or a literal cartoon, it won't affect your tulpa's development at all what style you visualize them in. Also many people naturally visualize/wonderland in third person and a lot struggle to maintain first person for some reason, myself included. All that really matters is the core process of tulpa creation, that being that you're treating your tulpa like they either exist already or are going to, as a separate individual in your head. How you do that - whether by talking to them (and expecting a response), physical wonderlanding (say, going on walks with them even if they can't talk), or even just thinking about who and how they might be in the earliest stages of development. And obviously doing all sorts of different things can only help the process.


Also, there's no huge difference in validity to open eye versus closed eye visualization, and your visualization doesn't even have to be in a wonderland either. The immersion can definitely help and is way better for any non-verbal interactions, but it's not necessary. Basically what matters for "active forcing"-type activities is that you can focus on your tulpa and pay attention to them possibly responding. "Passive forcing"-type activities are more lax, like say reading or talking about something "to your tulpa" but not necessarily focusing on them directly. That definitely still helps, especially when it's all you can do, but I don't think it really hits that core "Expecting a response" concept that really tells your brain "Oh, should there be someone else here to respond?"

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