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Can Tulpas Be Based On Real People?


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I had no idea that Tulpas existed until recently and I think I have been creating them by accident. (If that is actually a thing(?)  I think I made a Tulpa out of someone who exists in reality and I'm wondering if that's possible? 

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Sure. Lots of people get into tulpamancy by accident. Tulpas based on people and copyrighted characters can happen but it's important to acknowledge they aren't specifically those people or characters; they are their own entity that shares the appearance and personality traits of who they are based on. Unless I guess it's not a tulpa and it's something more metaphysical or supernatural which isn't my forte. That's your ghosts, soulbonds, etc. I think. I created my tulpa with no prior knowledge of tulpamancy either.

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If I'm not mistaken those kinds of tulpas are called factives. There was one user on here who had a tulpa that was based on her mom who had passed away when she was young, it was actually very sweet. 💚

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Introjects of dead or alive real people are called factives, as Simmie said (I love your name, Simmie, by the way!). I am not sure if tulpas count as introjects, but that would be the correct terminology. There are also other introjects labels that you can find too. /g

Also, I would advise against purposefully making a tulpa based off of a real person, as the tulpa could have identity issues and such.

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Yeah, tulpas can be based on people. Though identity issues are definitely a concern. It might be helpful to make sure they know they’re just based on another person, and not literally them, and can change anything about themselves if they want, should they experience identity issues.

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