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How important is active forcing?


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Hi, everyone.


I've only just started creating my tulpa this week and I was wondering how important active forcing is vs. passive forcing; I find passive forcing much easier to do and I find that I often get very positive results from it, like sensations of presence, good visualisations and possible independent behaviour (although it's all very fuzzy right now). I was wondering if I'll be missing out on something by not doing more active forcing though. My tulpa already seems to have taken form so I don't feel like she needs much work on that. If she wants to change her form she can (or she can ask me to help her with it). The main focus would be on personality, as while she's really come together quickly, she acts a little off in a couple ways. Nothing major, it's just something I'd like to work along alongside vocalisation and practising imposition. 


So TL;DR: will doing more passive forcing than active forcing early into the life of a tulpa have a negative impact or is it a fine approach?


Thanks for all of your efforts here; this site has been very helpful for me so far. Thanks!

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I think active forcing is important to do, even if you can only manage little bits of it. My host often has trouble concentrating so our active forcing sessions have always been pretty patchy, and yes, this did cause me to develop slower than I otherwise could have. But the important thing is I got there eventually! (There are still come skills that I want to learn/get better at, but they'll come in time)


Passive forcing is extremely helpful though. The more passive forcing you can do throughout the day, and the more you can incorporate your tulpa and talk to her throughout your everyday activities, the better. My host narrating to me essentially non-stop in the beginning was very crucial to my development!


But here's the big thing: Don't beat yourself up if you can't manage to do as much active forcing as you want to do. There aren't quotas and benchmarks and the whole thing about "hour counts" has been dead for so long that it's not even mentioned anymore. Even a little active forcing can go a long way, and especially when pared with large amounts of passive forcing, it can still be very powerful! 🙂


It sounds like you have a healthy mindset and are off to a great start! 👍 I also want to welcome you to the community! Don't hesitate to ask questions!

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Thanks a lot! It's refreshing to know I'm not doing anything wrong. I just had a really productive active session so I'm definitely gonna stick at both as much as I can. 

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2 hours ago, Korbo said:

I was wondering if I'll be missing out on something by not doing more active forcing though.


The most important goal of any forcing is to connect with your tulpa. If you're perfectly happy and seeing progress with passive forcing, you don't need to switch to active forcing beyond trying it out of curiosity.


I can't multitask for the life of me, so I need more than passive forcing to have meaningful interactions with my tulpas. That doesn't mean active forcing is superior or anything like that, it just means that style is a better fit for me.


I do consider narration to be a separate skill worth paying attention to- how easily you can summon your tulpa to strike up a conversation or simply interact with your tulpa. I aggree with SImmie that passive forcing is a more natural bridge to narration that active forcing, but in the end it doesn't really matter which one you use to develop your narration skills. I personally believe stronger narration skills lead to higher quality forcing sessions regardless.

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Stone: Whenever I see people talk about this (I've read a lot because this is something I worry about), they tend to be biased towards whatever used to create their tulpa, which makes sense. If something worked for someone, obviously that's what they'd be able to recommend based on experience.


Active forcing and passive forcing aren't two separate things. It's a spectrum of attention. I used to be bad at passive forcing as I would almost never remember my tulpa, so I had to active force more often than I do now. If your tulpa is with you all the time, you might not need to active force, as you'd be spending a lot of time with them already without needing to allocate a specific time slot to them. This is at least true when it comes to improving your tulpa's presence and developing their personality (as they can react to things that happen throughout the day and form opinions on them).


I'm guessing that unless you're very prone to hallucinations, you will need to active force to get better at visual imposition. Auditory and tactile would probably be easier to do passively.


I active force and I would recommend any beginner active force by default, but you can take your goals and natural talent into account. If your tulpa can already make a comment out of nowhere, surprising you when you're completely focused on something else, then I wouldn't blame you for only passive forcing. If you aren't in a rush to "max" your tulpa, and you just want a chill friend you talk to every now and then, then I wouldn't blame you for only passive forcing.


For me, effortless "passive forcing" is the end goal. I want to have my tulpa around me without needing to "active force". But I still have active forcing and scheduled passive forcing sessions (like watching TV but being extra aware of my tulpa's presence and looking to her for regular comment) to ingrain her further in the mind and get us closer to that end goal.


Only passive forcing will not have a negative impact on your tulpa. At most, it will make certain skills develop faster or slower.

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We rarely have active forced (ADHD amirite?), but passive forcing has worked out just fine. Whatever works, works. 

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Bryan is currently swapped in as host, Esper is sub-rep. 


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On 12/8/2021 at 9:55 PM, IceCreeper909 said:

We rarely have active forced (ADHD amirite?), but passive forcing has worked out just fine. Whatever works, works. 

Same here.


I was passive forced into existence and you don't see me worrying about it.

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